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Creativity & Calm: Zentangle Art For Beginners

Creativity & Calm: Zentangle Art For Beginners

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It goes without saying that indulging in a spot of creativity can be seriously therapeutic – but we’re here to take that to a whole new level with a little help from watercolour expert, Kathryn Coyle, and her zentangle art for beginners! What is zentangle? It’s a super-simple, super-relaxing art technique, that is often likened to meditation, and referred to as ‘yoga for the mind’ by many. The beauty of it is that you need no artistic skills to take up the art of zentangle – or ‘tangling’ as it’s often referred. Simply create a series of repeated patterns using small, repetitive and deliberate strokes of your pen, to slowly but surely fill a space.

There is no wrong way to tangle, that’s what makes it so relaxing! For more information on getting started, check out our introduction to zentangle here. If you’re ready to give it a go, try your hand at Kathryn Coyle’s tutorial below.

You Will Need:

Zentangle Art Tutorial For Beginners

Step 1:

Initial feather sketch

Sketch out the feather shapes or use the template provided.

Step 2:

Zentangle art for beginners tutorial step

Lay down some light washes or colour dropping in brighter tones, to give a natural look.

Zentangle art for beginners tutorial step

Step 3:

Zentangle art for beginners tutorial step

Allow to dry, then add layers of texture to create interest. You can flick some splashes of colour around the feathers too if you like that effect.

Zentangle art for beginners tutorial step

Step 4:

Zentangle art for beginners tutorial step

Once dry, use the fineliners to ink in interesting patterns and shapes. Be guided by your own imagination, and don’t worry about perfection, but rather relax into doodling. You can vary the thickness of the lines as you go, and fill some of the shapes in to create a pattern you are happy with.

Finished project close-up

The point of this craft is that you don’t erase any ‘mistakes’ because there’s no such thing — that’s what makes your design unique. Use those mistakes to create new lines and new patterns, and keep tangling for as long as you like.

Finished project

This zentangle art tutorial is a great starting point for beginners, but of course you can start tangling with as little as a black fineliner and a scrap of paper!

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