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Out of This World: Space Card Project [FREE Pop-Up Z-Fold Template]

Out of This World: Space Card Project [FREE Pop-Up Z-Fold Template]

Want to take your crafting abilities to dizzying new heights? No problem! This fantastic cardmaking project may look out of this world – but it’s totally achievable thanks to the included Z-fold card template, which you can download here, for free! Check out the talented Louise Dunbar’s step-by-step instructions below, and create your own Z-fold card with ease…

Whilst some people are incredibly confident when it comes to measuring out designs, I think there’s a place for templates, for those of us who feel a little daunted by a complex-looking card project, or perhaps simply prefer to work with the help of a visual aid. This template will need to be printed out at A4 size, if using it to line up on your cardstock, however I use it as a visual guide, rather than lining it up – that way, you can create this card in any size you like!

Skill level: Intermediate

Time to make: >1 hour

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Using the template as a guide, take your piece of A4 cardstock, which should measure 11 & 5/8’’ x 8 & 2/8’’. Line it up on your score board with the long side at the top, and score at 2 & 7/8’’ and 5 & 7/8’’.

Step 2:

Now you’ve got the score lines in, take the card to your trimmer and, lining it up with the short side now, measure 5 & 7/8’’ and trim the length of the cardstock. You’ll end up with a card base and a strip.

Step 3:

Mountain-and-valley-fold your score lines (basically this means fold your score lines in opposite ways; so fold one in and one out) Do this for both the card base, and the strip.

Step 4:

Now trim your patterned papers so that they will fit each panel, as shown above.

You’ll need to trim the following sizes, then stick them in place:

  • 1 piece at 5 & 3/4’’ x 5 & 3/4’’
  • 2 pieces at 5 & 3/4’’ x 2 & 3/4’’
  • 1 piece at 5 & 3/4’’ x 2 & 1/4’’
  • 2 pieces at 2 & 3/4’’ x 2 & 1/4’’

Step 5:

Now to attach the strip to the card front…

All you need to do is attach it in the opposite direction to the card, so where the fold is on the left-hand-side of the card, the fold of the strip needs to be on the right-hand-side, as shown above.

Stick the left hand side down first, then close the card flat and the strip should grab the opposite piece in the right place (this is easier to do, than it is to explain it!)

Step 6:

You’ll see from the template that there are 2 smaller strips, so cut these out now; they each measure 4’’x 1’’, and they’re each scored at ½’’ and 3 ½’’.  Mountain-and-valley-fold these as well.

Step 7:

We’re now going to attach these strips to the inside piece of the card, in the space where the card and strip are connected.   These strips then become the anchors for our decorative elements.

Step 8:

Die-cut or stamp out your chosen elements for your card, and colour them in to suit your theme.  I chose to go for a space theme, so I stamped out and coloured in my spacemen before cutting them out, ready to add in to my card!

Step 9:

Attach your elements onto thin strips of acetate, and glue into place onto the two strips in the card you attached in Step 7 (as shown above) this gives the illusion that your decorations are floating in the centre of your card!  Just remember to make sure you don’t have them sticking out higher than your card height, otherwise you’ll struggle to get it into an envelope!

Step 10:

Add some finishing touches like gems and a sentiment to your card, and there you have it! A gorgeous pop-up Z-fold card that will fold flat for posting, and spring to life once opened! Do you know somebody who’d be impressed with a birthday card like this? Or perhaps someone who’s new to cardmaking, but keen to give 3D papercrafting a try? Why not share this project with them so they can download the template for themselves, and have a go!

Desperate to start cardmaking yourself? Stock up on cardmaking supplies now, and let your creativity take over!


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