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You Can Folk It! Valentine’s Project

You Can Folk It! Valentine’s Project


Craft a gorgeous handmade heart plaque and card which your loved one can keep forever and display with pride. Perfect for a personal, unique gift for your valentine, read on to find out how to make yours in time for 14th February.

You will need:

DecoArt Americana
Tomato Red
Warm White
Baby Blue
Lamp Black
Crystal Glamour Dust

You Can Folk It!

No 3 Round Brush
Dotting Tool
Black Transfer Paper
MDF Heart
Mount Board and Greeting Card with envelope
Tracing Paper
Fine sandpaper


Step 1. Use the sponge and Warm White to apply a coat of paint to the MDF heart and mount board.  Allow to dry or speed up with a hairdryer.  Sand the MDF to a smooth finish and apply a second layer.   Trace the template onto the tracing paper and use the transfer paper to transfer the template onto the MDF Heart and Mount Board

Step 1a

Step 1

Step 2. Mix Warm White and Tomato Red to create Pink and using the large end of the dotting tool to apply alternate dot hearts and dots around the edge of the heart template on the the MDF heart.  Sprinkle with glamour dust whilst still wet.

Step 2

Step 3. Mix Baby Blue to create a French blue and use the small end of the dotting tool to apply small dots around the hearts.  Each time you dip the dotting tool into the paint, start the dots near to the design and then work away, so that the dots are larger nearer to the design and smaller towards the outer edges.  Mix a little Warm with into the mix and add lighter dots in the same way.

Step 3

Step 4. Using the same French Blue paint mix.  Tip the round brush with Warm White and paint a large comma stroke for the body of each bird.  Repeat using a smaller comma stroke for the wing.  Use the small end of the dotting tool and Lamp Black for the eye and beak.  Using the large end of the dotting tool and the pink mix, apply a heart into between the 2 birds.  Paint hearts around the edge of the MDF heart leaving enough space to paint 1 or 2 dots in between.  Remember to sprinkle Glamour Dust on the hearts while still wet.

Step 4.

Step 5. Paint the birds on the back of the envelope.  Once dry apply the mount board to the greeting card and add the ribbon.