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Louise Dunbar Gets Creative With Brea Reese: A World Wide Week Brand New Launch!

Louise Dunbar Gets Creative With Brea Reese: A World Wide Week Brand New Launch!

Wow – World Wide Week is certainly packing a punch this year! Whilst we’re in the midst of bringing you the hottest news and latest trends for 2018, we’d also like to introduce you to a brand new member of our in-house design team: the lovely Louise Dunbar!

Introducing Louise

A talented creative who’s passionate about all things craft, Louise has joined us to help you discover your own awesome potential when it comes to using your Create and Craft goodies!

A 34-year-old mother of two boys, Louise lives in Aberdeen with her partner, children and their black Labrador, Lola. Louise has been crafting for as long as she can remember!

Louise says, ‘My mum says I was always puddling about with pens, paints and papers. My style of crafting usually involves colour. I always try and think outside of the box and come up with something that will stand out from the crowd, and make the recipient smile.   My advice to crafters out there would be: Don’t be afraid to try new things. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted to, start again!’

This week, Louise has been playing with the brand new art products from Brea Reese, launching on Create and Craft TV on Tuesday 23rd Jan, during World Wide Week.

Louise Gets Creative With Brea Reese Inks

Brea Reese is a paint company with a difference. From the day they filled their first tube of paint, their mission has been to inspire all artists – no matter what their level of expertise – to create truly amazing works of art.  Brea Reese set out to simplify inks and how artists use them, so have created a range of refillable pens and vibrant inks, to make watercolour art accessible to everyone!

Here’s the first project Louise has been working on – a bold and beautiful watercolour card that can be used for a variety of celebrations. Find out how Louise created this gorgeous design right here… step-by-step instructions and photography make using your Brea Reese inks easy!

For a beautiful undersea theme, check out this stunning notebook cover, created using a mix of deep ocean colours, and clever stenciling. Your step-by-step guide on how to create this gorgeous underwater effect for yourself is right here on our website!

And because wonderful things always come in threes, we’ve also got a stunning home decor project created using Brea Reese inks to share with you! Here, Louise has transformed a plain canvas into an eye-catching piece of art that would bring any wall of your home to life. Find out how to create your own right here!

Love finding inspiring ways to make the most of your crafting supplies? Then check out the Crafty Projects section of our website… it’s packed with ideas, top tips, and step-by-steps for you to try at home!

Get your hands on our Brea Reese bundle now, and see what you can create!


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