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Witchy Watercolour Ideas: Paint the Perfect Potion!

Witchy Watercolour Ideas: Paint the Perfect Potion!

Painting with watercolour is a fantastic way to indulge your creative side – the effects can be truly stunning, and with a little practise and a few top tips from the talented Katherine Coyle under your belt, it’s really not difficult to get to grips with the technique. This gorgeous potion bottle is one of our favourite watercolour ideas, because it’s a great little project for beginners to practise washes, shading, and layering – and the finished result looks pretty magical!

Watercolour ideas - potion tutorial title

Halloween Watercolour Ideas: How to Paint a Wicked Potion:

We sent Kathryn Coyle one of our Leuchtturm1917 Master Sketchbooks to fill with creative watercolour ideas… and we just love this gorgeous watercolour potion bottle – the perfect Halloween art project!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Watercolour ideas - potion tutorial image

Begin by sketching out the basic outline of your potion bottle; use faint lines, so that you can rub out and correct mistakes easily. Decide where your light source will be now, as this will determine how you shade the bottle in the coming steps. If you find it helpful, you can sketch in a faint arrow, then rub this out at the end.

Step 2:

Watercolour ideas - potion tutorial image

Now, time for the watercolour! Lay down your first wash across the potion itself. Remember to leave some white areas of the paper untouched to show the reflection of the light hitting the glass, and remember where your light source is, laying down slightly denser colour on the opposite side of the bottle, and a lighter wash on the same side as your light source.

Step 3:

Watercolour ideas - potion tutorial image

Whilst your first wash of colour is still wet on the page, you can now begin to drop in darker tones. These will expand in the water on the surface of the paper to create a gorgeous liquid effect!

Step 4:

Watercolour ideas - potion tutorial image

Once you are happy with your colour wash, take a pinch of sea salt, and sprinkle it across your picture whilst the paint is still wet. Leave the sea salt atop the paint whilst it dries to produce a gorgeous bubbled finish.

Step 5:

Watercolour ideas - potion tutorial image

Now it’s time to add some shadow detail to the glass bottle itself. Mix up another colour, and add your washes to the glass bottle, remembering to stay true to your light sources, by keeping the bottle darker on the side furthest from your light source, and lightest on the side closest to your light source.

Step 6:

Watercolour ideas - potion tutorial image

Time for the final few finishing touches – mix up a brown wash to colour your cork, and shade it according to your light source. Add extra layers to your glass bottle, and paint in a slightly muted shadow underneath the bottle as shown. To add eye-catching splashes of colour, load your paintbrush with the purple and blue paint you used to add darker tones to your watercolour potion in step 3, and use your fingertip to flick these across the page.

Remember to remove the sea salt once your painting is dry, and there you have it – a marvellously magical watercolour potion any witch would be proud of!

Watercolour ideas - potion tutorial image

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