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Wire Art Wall Decor for Christmas

Wire Art Wall Decor for Christmas

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Forget last year’s tired tinsel, we’ve a Christmas decor tutorial that’ll enable you to create something simple yet stunning to add eye-catching elegance to your seasonal decor this year! Penelope Quinn’s beautiful wire art wall decoration is the perfect way to create a handcrafted decoration that can be dressed year after year, to add a fresh and festive feel to any room in the home. Bring the outside in and search for fresh foliage and pine cones to decorate it with each December – it’s a fantastic way to bring the family together to create something special.

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Wire art wall decoration tutorial step

First, use masking tape to attach the stars to your piece of wood. Hammer a nail in, about a centimetre into each apex of the star.

Step 2:

Wire art wall decoration tutorial step

Start wrapping your wire around your star, working the wire over and under the nails. Leave a tail at each end (enough to secure) and cut the wire to size with wire cutters.

Step 3:

Wire art wall decoration tutorial step

Secure the star by wrapping the wire around itself a few times. Don’t worry if it looks messy, we’ll cover this up with foliage!

Step 4:

Wire art wall decoration tutorial step

Decorate with foliage and mini pine cones – you can secure this to the wire with the florist wire. Top Tip: It’s much easier to decorate your stars while they are still on the nails – the wire bends out of shape easily, so don’t remove until you’re absolutely ready to!

Step 5:

Finished project hanging on wall

Hang from a piece of driftwood, and then find a special spot for your new wire art wall decoration to hang pride of place. You could even add a few fairy lights if you like, for extra festive feels!

Finished project close-up

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