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What Is Parchment Craft? Cassie Brown Gets Creative…

What Is Parchment Craft? Cassie Brown Gets Creative…

Heard about parchment craft, but wondering… what exactly is it?! Well the lovely Cassie Brown has been exploring parchment craft, and is here to reveal what it is, how you can get started in it, and just why she loves it so much!

What is parchment craft? It’s so much more than just cardmaking!

The last time I did this lovely craft, I was in my teens! And yes, I loved it! SO much so, that when Create and Craft asked, I couldn’t wait to revisit it, even though it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to play! I’m not the best at creating cards, so I decided to create a picture frame – which is a fabulous idea if you’d like to create a keepsake or special gift for a loved one. You can adapt the picture to personalise it, and you know it will be on display far longer than any card!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Use the foam pad as a base to work upon – this ensures your work surface is protected, and you are able to work into the parchment paper properly. Place your paper on top of the foam pad, and place the template on top of the paper.  Use a little masking tape to secure the paper. Top Tip: I only do this on 2 sides, so that I can easily undo one side at any point, to check what I’m doing.

Step 2:

Take the smallest ball tool (0.5mm) and place the tool just inside the cut-out metal template and use it draw around the edge of the design.

Using the pin tool, create the perforated edge by simply pushing the pin into every hole on the template. When you turn the paper over, it should look like this:

Step 3:

Remove the template then, using the larger ball tool, gently move the ball tool over the leaf segments you marked earlier. This will give it a slightly teased effect.

Step 4:

The scissors I am using here are slightly curved, which helps to create an awesome spike-effect edge to the leaves! To do this, simply hold the scissors so the curve is pointing down, with your forefinger and middle finger in the scissor holes and place the 2 points of the scissors into 2 holes in the parchment leaf design, then make a cut and swim movement at the same time. Repeat this all around the leaves, to create an amazing spiky edge.

Step 5:

You will need to repeat this process to create the following:

  • 1: rose arch
  • 3: rose leaf sets
  • 1: ivy trail
  • 2: large roses
  • 1: rose on steam
  • 3: sets of daisies
  • 2: curled delicate rose swirls
  • 2: butterflys
  • 1: bee

Step 6:

I have used water colour crayons to colour the paper. Add a little green paint to a plate or palette, and add some water with a soft brush. Next, use this to gently paint over the top of the raised side of the leaves. Leave these to dry, then curl the edges of the leaves a little using your fingers

using a plate drew a little green onto the plate and add water with a soft brush, then gently paint over the top of the raised side of the leafs. Leave to dry then curl the leafs a little using your fingers. Continue to add colour to the roses (which I painted pink!) and the wooden rose arch.

Step 7:

Use the box frame you have chosen to measure the foam backing, and cut the foam to the correct size. Attach the foam inside using double-sided tape.

Once the foam is in place, you can use small foam pads attach the rose arch to the foam backing (at the side) and then add two curled delicate rose swirls to the opposite side of the box.

Add the remaining roses, daisies and leaves, and complete your composition by adding the butterfly and bee!

Step 8:

Once the picture inside is secure, you can turn over the box frame and secure the back in place.

You now have a beautiful gift to give to someone special!

Keen To Try It?

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