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Wedding Words of Wisdom – Collect Advice in Beautiful Beach Hut Boxes!

Wedding Words of Wisdom – Collect Advice in Beautiful Beach Hut Boxes!

Getting wed any time soon, or know someone who is? Then we’ve a fantastic project for you to get stuck into… wedding ‘words of wisdom’ boxes! Although these beautiful beach huts needn’t be reserved just for weddings! Create these fun beach hut boxes as sweet stores, kids’ money boxes… or even just simple display pieces!  If you do want to use them to collect valuable marriage advice from your nearest and dearest, the numbers on each beach hut represent the years of marriage; simply ask your guests to give you their words of wisdom for each one. Then, when that wedding anniversary rolls around in years to come, you can open up the appropriate box, and discover exactly what your friends’ wedding words of wisdom are for the year ahead!

Wedding words of wisdom box project header

Everything you need to recreate this project in the SVG file I have created.

Time it Takes to Make: 1hr

Skill Level: Beginner

You Will Need:

Step 1 – Cutting out your pieces:

Beach hut box project image

Upload the Beach Hut SVG file provided to your canvas work space, and cut out all the pieces you need for each beach hut box. I have made 3 huts: one in red, one in blue and one in green, but you can make this in any colour of your choice!

Wedding words of wisdom box project image

I have used a thick white 12” x 12” card to cut out the hut bases, and a thinner card for the coloured outer. For the roofs I have used 2 different browns. The bunting I have created in the same colour as each of the hut outers, and the Lifebuoy ring is in red and white.

Step 2 – Assemble huts:

Assemble the beach hut by folding in along all the score lines. Fix the side flaps to the insides of the base of the hut shape with double-sided tape.

Wedding words of wisdom box project image

Now wrap the coloured outer around the hut base and glue into position. Next, assemble the lifebuoy ring, and decorate the hut with this, plus a door handle.

Beach hut box project image

Step 3 – Assemble roofs:

Wedding words of wisdom box project image

Assemble the roof by first adding the roof tile pieces to the roof base, using glue or double-sided tape.

Beach hut box project image

Add some double-sided tape to the roof tabs and fold in along all score lines, now stick on to the roof front.

Wedding words of wisdom box project image

All that’s left to do is decorate the front of the roof with the bunting, and add the door numbers – remember, these numbers represent how many years of marriage the advice is for… so consider how long you wish to wait before opening up your boxes and revealing the advice inside!

And that’s it – your beach hut wedding words of wisdom boxes are complete!

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