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Weather Crafts for Kids: Create Your Own Forecast!

Weather Crafts for Kids: Create Your Own Forecast!

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Here’s a craft that’ll fire up their imaginations, whilst giving you a fun opportunity to talk and learn all about the forces of nature! What causes rain? What are clouds made of? Where does lightning come from? These awesome weather crafts for kids provide a fun way to explore these ideas together. Engage them through craft, and you’ll grow their knowledge as well as their creativity!

DIY Weather Crafts for Kids:

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Weather crafts for kids tutorial step

Download and print the free templates, and begin by cutting out two white card clouds. Nothing goes to waste in this project – once you’ve finished cutting them out, set the card trimmings to one side ready for use later on.

Step 2:

Weather crafts for kids tutorial step

Now it’s time to get creative! Is this a sunny, calm cloud or a dark stormy could? Grab the watercolour paints, and decorate your cloud-shaped pieces of card appropriately, depending on which weather idea you’re crafting (there are more ideas at the bottom of this project!).

You’ll be attaching these together to form a sort of ‘pillow’ once they’re dry, so be sure to mirror the clouds and select the outer sides, so you are painting the correct side of the card. Once complete, leave these to dry.

Step 3:

Weather crafts for kids tutorial step

Once dry, layer the clouds atop one another with the painted sides facing outwards, and staple (grown up help required!) together around the edges as shown. Start by stapling at the top, and leave an opening at the bottom. Now you can grab those card trimmings you set aside in Step 1, and use them to stuff the cloud! Once it’s full, staple the bottom of the cloud together to secure.

Step 4:

Weather crafts for kids tutorial step

Use a punch to create three holes at the bottom of the cloud as shown, and one at the very top (the positions of these holes are marked out on the template, to help you; use the second, fourth and sixth hole for this weather craft).

Step 5:

Weather crafts for kids tutorial step

You’ll find the snowman outline on the free templates provided; cut out the separate parts, and build him by attaching them with glue. Once he’s ready, you can get creative and give him a face, using coloured pens or embellishments.

Step 6:

Weather crafts for kids tutorial step

If you have a snowflake paper punch, you can use this to create snowflakes… if not, simply cut some out from white, blue or even glittered card! Create a variety of sizes to add to your mobile.

Step 7:

Weather crafts for kids tutorial step

Add string to the holes at the bottom of the cloud – around 20cm in length. Add the snowflakes to the string by gluing them back to back in pairs, with the string sandwiched in between. Now add Frosty the snowman at the end of the central piece of string!

Step 8:

Weather crafts for kids tutorial step

And that’s it – your weather craft project is complete! Hang your awesome cloud up on the wall, from the ceiling or even in the window. Check out some of the other variants you can create below. Why not create a selection of hanging weather crafts, and your little ones can swap them in and out of the window as the real weather changes each day?

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

Rain cloud project idea

Add metallic card raindrops above a colourful umbrella, and be sure to paint a darker cloud!

Thunder and Lightning…

Thunder and lightning project idea

Be sure to paint a dark and gloomy storm cloud for this variant! Lightning can be cut from gold metallic card.

A Sunny Spring Day…

Sunshine project idea

Create colourful papercraft flowers to hang beneath your cloud, and add a shimmering sun peeping out from the top!

Looking for more crafty ways to boost your kids’ creativity, and teach them about the world around them? We’ve plenty of incredible projects and ideas right here!

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