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DIY Valentine’s Day Card: How To Create A Watercolour Heart

DIY Valentine’s Day Card: How To Create A Watercolour Heart

This stunning watercolour heart is a simple yet sophisticated way to get crafty in time for Valentine’s Day! With bold colour and a shimmering finish, it’s the perfect combination of classic style and creative flair.

This year, we’re embracing the use of inks in crafting – so many incredible effects can be achieved with ease, thanks to this versatile medium!

To create Sarah Hurley’s Watercolour Heart Valentine’s Card you’ll need a selection of watercolour inks in a colourscheme you’re happy with.

We recommend using Brea Reese inks, because these high quality inks contain absolutely no fillers or additives, they’re 100% acid-free, and the ink dries quickly. You can use them with traditional paintbrushes, water brushes, or even refillable markers, and the inks will dry without leaving brush strokes.

You Will Need:


Step 1:

Spritz your watercolour card with water and drip Brea Reese Inks over the surface. Spritz over the top of the inks with water again, then move them around until you’re happy with the colours. Leave to dry.

Step 2:

Use your die cutting machine to cut a heart aperture panel (slightly smaller than C6) and set aside for use later on.

Step 3:

Once the watercolour inks are dry, stencil over the top using your stencil and glitter paint, and leave to dry once again.

Step 4:

Once dry, cut a section slightly smaller than the heart aperture panel and adhere this behind the aperture to create a heart-shaped design for your card-front.

Step 5:

Using double sided tape, add the panel to the front of a C6 card blank, and your Valentine’s Day card is complete!

Check out the printable project page on our website right here.

Will you be signing your card, or sending it anonymously this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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