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Painting For Beginners: Step-by-Step Watercolour Rose

Painting For Beginners: Step-by-Step Watercolour Rose

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Whether you’re new to watercolour painting or just looking for a little inspiration, Kathryn Coyle’s watercolour rose is a great beginner project that’s sure to inspire your creativity. It’s loads of fun to create and looks beautiful on canvas or card, so you can bring this incredible design to life in many different projects and for many different occasions, from Valentine’s cards to spring home décor... the only limit is your imagination! Check out Kathryn's step-by-step watercolour tutorial below, and grab your paintbrush...

Step-by-Step Watercolour Rose Tutorial

Step 1:

First paint layer to make a watercolour rose

Using a large brush and a loose wash of colour, make bold brush shapes to form the first petal washes. Pick a central focal point and work around this to create a flower head.

Step 2:

second paint layer to make a watercolour rose

While the first wash is still wet, drop in some slightly darker tones around the edges and middle of the rose. This will add depth, and you'll see your rose begin to come to life on the page!

Step 3:

Third paint layer to build up a watercolour rose

Gradually build up slightly darker tones, leaving light areas on the petals. If the paper gets overloaded with colour or there's an area you'd like to lighten, you can remove paint with a dry brush or tissue, as long as you act whilst the wash is still fresh and wet.

Step 4:

watercolour rose with green leaves and stem

Mix a green, and apply using the whole brush to create each leaf, letting the paint pool in places. Once this is complete, you can add some purple to the pink in your palette and drop in some even darker areas on the petals.

Step 5:

painted watercolour rose

Add some peachy tones to the petals to add some natural variety to the petal colours.

Step 6:

Finished painting

Once the rose itself is complete, flick over the flower with a large brush, spraying the page with watery drops of pink and green, and then set aside and allow to dry.

If this fantastic watercolour tutorial has got you keen to get started, then you'll be pleased to know we've plenty more awesome art tutorials, projects and articles for you to get stuck intro! Find a world of artistic inspiration here on the Create and Craft blog!

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