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Watercolour Christmas Cards: Creative Ideas For Christmas Cardmaking

Watercolour Christmas Cards: Creative Ideas For Christmas Cardmaking

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If you’re looking for creative Christmas cardmaking ideas for the festive period this year, then you won’t want to miss Kathryn Coyle’s beautiful watercolour Christmas cards! We tasked the incredibly talented Kathryn Coyle to create some beautiful watercolour designs with a festive feel, that would be perfect for adding to handmade Christmas cards… and we think you’ll adore these pretty designs as much as we do!

Check out Kathryn’s beautiful artwork below, and try your hand at creating your own watercolour Christmas cards for friends and family this year. It’s a great way to show how much they mean to you, and a lovely keepsake for them to treasure, too!

Kathryn Coyle’s Watercolour Christmas Cards


Watercolour Christmas card bauble design

First up is this beautiful watercolour cardfront featuring two Christmas baubles in a frosty blue colour palette. This watercolour Christmas card design is the perfect choice for beginners, as the illustration is based on two simple circles - you could easily find a jar, cup, or bottle to draw around to help get you started! When colouring in spherical objects, knowing where your light source is is key - so pick the point where the light hits the object, and then build up colour from this point outwards for realistic dimension. You could make the patterns on your baubles as plain or as complicated as you want - and simply flick a lightly loaded paintbrush over your design at the end to achieve this speckled finish!

Watercolour wellies and robin design

If you know a keen gardener or a fan of the great outdoors, then this design would be right up their street! Depict their actual wellies for bonus personalisation points, and simply border them with tiny seasonal decorations, as Kathryn has here, to add a festive finish. Think snow covered pine cones, holly berries, pine sprigs and other festive foliage around the base of the boots, and a red-breasted robin perched on top!


Mistletoe cardfront design

Who doesn't love mistletoe at Christmas? Creating using a selection of green shades, this pretty design as not as complicated to create as you might first think. Simply sketch out a number of straight lines lightly in pencil, then add your leaves one by one as teardrop shapes in varying sizes. When colouring each leaf, keep paintbrush strokes in line with the length of the leaf, and user darker shades to show shadow. Once again, achieve a pretty speckled finish by loading your paintbrush first with green paint, and flicking over your design, then again with blue, to coordinate with the ribbon. If you want to create a mixed media design, you could even add real ribbon to the top of the design, instead of painting it!

Painted reindeer design

We just love this magnificent reindeer... and the fact that he's well and truly dressed for Christmas! This watercolour card is ideal for more advanced artists, but would make a fantastic to addition to any mantlepiece this Christmas! To give your reindeer a snow-speckled finish, add a few tiny specks of white acrylic paint atop your reindeer's brown coat, once your watercolour design is dry.


Watercolour snowman design

Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without a snowman, would it? Even if we sometimes don't get enough snow to do a good snowman justice! Add shadow and shape to your snowman using muted shades of blue and grey, and select a bolder colour for his scarf and hat for a pretty colour pop amidst all the white! When painting the scarf and hat, add texture and depth by repeating lots of tiny brush strokes to represent knitted rows, and remember to keep consistent with the direction of your light source, to create realistic dimension.

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