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Wall Hanging Ideas: Why Chunky Yarn Is Your New Best Friend

Wall Hanging Ideas: Why Chunky Yarn Is Your New Best Friend

Looking for a simple yet stunning way to add cosy fall decor to your home? Well we’ve a fabulous craft we’d love to introduce you to – weaving your own wall hanging! With so many creative wall hanging ideas out there, this totally Hygge craft is on the rise… and it’s not difficult to see why! With just a few craft supplies, you can create your own stunning chunky wool wall hanging in a single afternoon. Create a quaint countryside scene, an abstract pattern, or coordinate colours with your curtains, scatter cushions or wallpapers for a totally on-trend finish. Check out Tina Lowther’s gorgeous wall hanging project below, and learn just how easy it is to create a showstopping conversation-starter for your home!

Wall Hanging Tutorial Title

You Will Need:

Step 1:

wall hanging tutorial image

Begin by setting up your frame to the size you would like. Attach the twine to the corner, and wrap the twine vertically an even number of times around the frame. Place a flower stick at the bottom of the frame, and another further up. Now you can start threading the green yarn with an over-under motion. Use lengths about 1 meter long, and avoid adding new yarn at the edges, if you can!

Step 2:

wall hanging tutorial image

Add the off-white yarn to create the sheep. Start from the back, and make them in different sizes; smaller ones further back give the impression of distance!

Step 3:

wall hanging tutorial image

Carry the green yarn behind the sheep, and carry on.

Step 4:

wall hanging tutorial image

Finish the green section by creating different levels. To do this, weave the green yarn, then turn and start weaving back again, weaving through less length each time. Start the turquoise in the middle rather than the edge, for a neat and tidy continuation.

Step 5:

wall hanging tutorial image

Cut the twine from the frame at the top and bottom, and knot this into pairs around the flower sticks.

Step 6:

wall hanging tutorial image

Cut lengths of 60cm of yarn for the tassels. Fold the yarn in half to make a loop. Thread it through between the stick and the weaving from the front . Open the loop and thread the tail ends through the loop and pull the tail to tighten. Repeat along the flower stick. Trim to neaten the ends.

Step 7:

wall hanging tutorial image

Repeat the tassels on the top using off-white yarn at 30cm lengths . Cut short and fluff them out. Turn them on the stick, into position.

Step 8:

wall hanging tutorial image

Add the details to the sheep using black 4-ply yarn with a large-eyed needle. The legs are a straight stitch, and the eyes can be french knots or little straight stitches.

Step 9:

wall hanging tutorial image

The birds are straight stitches joined in a V shape.

Step 10:

wall hanging tutorial image

Use the twine to make a hanger for the hanging. A crochet chain is one option, or simply a length of twine tied to the flower sticks . Tidy the ends of yarn by tucking them into the back of the weave.

finished wall hanging

Now there’s nothing left to do but get this beauty hung up on the wall, and sit back and admire your handiwork! Have any other wall hanging ideas you’d like to try? Share them in the comments below!

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