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Yarn Stash Wall Hanging: Craft Your Own Decor!

Yarn Stash Wall Hanging: Craft Your Own Decor!

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Every crafter has been guilty of it at one time or another… Picking up that craft item that you had absolutely no project in mind for… but just couldn’t bear to leave behind in the shop, because it was too gorgeous! Well, if you’ve ever done this with a gorgeous ball of yarn – or perhaps you’ve got some leftover from previous projects – then we’ve the perfect wall hanging craft project for you! Check out Charlie Mumford’s step-by-step tutorial below, and learn how to craft your own beautiful wall hanging with ease.

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate- very basic crochet stitch used around largest hoop.

You Will Need:

Yarn Wall Hanging Craft Tutorial:

Step 1:

Wall hanging craft tutorial step

Put the smaller hoop inside the larger hoop, and tape them together at the base.

Step 2:

Wall hanging craft tutorial step

Using the macrame rope/yarn and crochet hook, double crochet around the large hoop. When you get to where both hoops are joined with tape, include the small hoop in your stitches. Make sure to leave a long tail at the beginning and end; you can tie these together to make a hanging loop for your wall hanging.

Step 3:

Wall hanging craft tutorial step

Now, tie the chunky yarn to the smaller inner hoop and wrap the yarn around the hoop until it is entirely covered.

Step 4:

Wall hanging craft tutorial step

Next, make 4 pom poms and glue them onto the hanging, as per the photo. These cover up the metal hoop screws effectively, and also add another texture to the piece.

Wall hanging craft tutorial step

And there you have it! Your simple yet stylish wall hanging is completed, and now your stash favourites are no longer languishing at the back of the craft cupboard, but hanging pride of place, for everyone to see!

Wall hanging craft tutorial step

Remember, if you struggle with the crochet aspect of this make, you can simply wrap the yarn as instructed for the smaller hoop.

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