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Baking Trends 2018: Velvet Illusion Succulent Cake

Baking Trends 2018: Velvet Illusion Succulent Cake

I love gold at New Year and was very tempted to have a gold cake, but I decided to just add elegant and chic gold accents. I loved creating this cake; it’s one of my favourites so far! I experimented with colour and fell in love with the Violet Icing Colour by Wilton — in some lights, it looks like velvet. With a touch of mild green and light gold, I hope you agree that the end result is very pleasing. Hope you have a very happy new year! — Cassie Brown

You Will Need:

  • 1 Pre-Iced 6″ Cake on a 10″ Pre-Iced Cake Board

Materials Required:

Step 1:

To start, place the pre-iced cake to the side of the pre-iced board. Dab a little cornflour into the rope mould and then roll a sausage of paste about 1cm thin. Push it into the mould, making sure that there’s no excess over the sides. If there is, simply remove or cut away. Turn the mould upside down and gently push out the rope shape. You will need to make about 4 of these to go around the cake and about 8 to go around the board. To attach the rope, brush the back of the of the rope with water and push gently onto the bottom of the cake. Repeat this around the board, too.

Step 2:

Dip a large paintbrush into the Violet Icing Colour and brush the excess onto a small plate. Do this a few times, then add the quick-drying essence. The more essence you add, the lighter the colour will go. I wanted quite a dark violet colour to set the gold off. Mix well with the paintbrush and then start to paint around the sides of the cake, moving the brush side-to-side to create a nice brushed effect. Then, move to the top of the cake and brush in a circular movement. Do the same on the board and make sure the rope is also covered well with colour. You may need to go over the rope with a smaller brush to make sure there are no white bits showing. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Step 3:

I’ve made the succulents before in a blog, so check out my Minimalist Succulent Cake for more ideas!

This step teaches you how to make the large succulent on top of the cake.

Roll out the light green paste to a thickness of about 3mm and then cut out 6 large leaf shapes. Place them on the board and gently rub your finger or a ball tool around the edge to give each sepal a rounded edge. Roll a small pea-sized ball of paste, flatten it slightly, and then place it into the bottom of the larger flower bowl. Brush a little water at the bottom of each sepal and place around the bowl so the thinnest part of the sepal is towards the centre. Repeat with the next size of cutter, again cutting out 5 sepal shapes, and attach in the same way. Then cut out 4 smaller ones and 2 very small ones. Round the outer part of the sepal and attach to the centre of the succulent using water.

Tip: Fold up small pieces of kitchen paper and place under some of the sepals to help them dry in the right shape.

Step 4:

To colour with gold, simply put some gold dust onto a small plate with quick-drying essence and mix well. Using a small paintbrush, brush the edges of the succulent as much or as little as you like. I painted some of the succulents completely gold and others with just a kiss of gold around the edges.

Step 5:

To use the mould, simply dust with cornflour to stop sticking and push the green paste into the mould firmly. Don’t use too much paste as it will overfill the mould and look messy. Gently push the paste out and use a small pair of scissors to cut just under each succulent to create a little space between them. Colour by dusting a little eucalyptus and aubergine edible dust around the edges. Once dry, use a little round-headed brush with the gold dust mixed with quick-drying essence to create little dots of gold around the edges.

Step 6:

Pipe a small amount of royal icing at the bottom of the succulent and then place it on the cake. I put a large one on the top with a little one from the mould. Around the side, you can place as many different ones as you like. I placed 2 using the Wilton cutters, 2 spiky ones, 1 made using the rounded tip, and 3 from the mould. So 8 all together!

I hope you have fun with this one — it’s great to see it all come together for the celebratory season! — Cassie

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