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Create Debbie Shore’s Valentine’s Day Place Setting

Create Debbie Shore’s Valentine’s Day Place Setting

Whether it’s because you can’t get a babysitter, or you’d simply rather spend Valentine’s Day surrounded by your home comforts, staying in can be just as special as going out. Why not plan a special dinner for two, and create these stunning matching place settings to add a personalised touch to your table decor? Use thermal wadding if you can, to help protect your table from heat. These heart-themed mats are so pretty, you can use them after Valentine’s Day to decorate your table for tea parties, birthdays and other special occasions!

Time to Make: 2 – 3 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

Materials for one place setting:

Step 1:

Pin two pieces of the fabric right sides together. Draw around your heart template, slightly off centre. Sew around the outline with a small stitch, then carefully cut out the centre, leaving a 1/8” seam allowance. [The cutlery holder is made from the centre pieces].

Step 2:

Push one side of the fabric through the hole, and press. Try rolling the seam slightly to show the bottom fabric; this makes a small border to the heart.

Step 3:

Fold your scrap fabrics in half lengthways, wrong sides together, and press.

Step 4:

Draw around your heart template on the calico, and sew the strips, overlapping the raw edges and at slight angles, over the heart.

Step 5:

Place the cut-out heart over the fabric strips, and sew around the edge of the heart to secure. [This is called ‘reverse applique].

Step 6:

Adhere the wadding to the wrong side of the remaining fabric piece. Place the heart fabric piece over the top, so that the wadding is sandwiched in the centre. Apply bias binding all the way round. Start at the bottom of the mat, fold the end over, match raw edges and sew along the crease line. Mitre the corners as you sew.

Step 7:

Fold the binding over the edge of the mat and sew by hand with a slip stitch.

Step 8:

To make the cutlery holder, trim the edges of the heart to make neat if necessary. Use fabric adhesive to sandwich the wadding in the centre of the two heart pieces. Starting 5″ from the point, apply bias binding around the top of the heart, and finish ½” past the point.

Step 9:

Fold the heart in half with the binding on the outside as in the picture, and sew along the section without bias binding, to make a cone.

Step 10:

Fold the bias binding over the raw edge and hand sew, covering the end of the binding where you started, and folding the extended ½” over to make the point neat.

Step 11:

Fold over one curved side and secure with a button and a couple of strings of beads or ribbon, for decoration.

And there’s your matching set! You could make more than two, and use these for special family meals, as well as Valentine’s Day!





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