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Upcycled Furniture Tutorial: Maz Makes… Something For The Corner!

Upcycled Furniture Tutorial: Maz Makes… Something For The Corner!

The lovely Maz is back with another fantastic upcycling project! This month, Maz shows exactly how you can breathe new life into an outdated piece of furniture with a fresh lick of paint and some clever fabric choices. With so many creative options available these days when it comes to repainting and reupholstering, there’s no need for you to throw out and replace things… simply take the old and unloved and turn it into something new and fabulous! Check out exactly how Maz transforms an old chair into something stylish and modern, in her project below.

You might remember at the end of last year I blogged about a pool table cover for my husband who was building a pub. As soon as that was complete, he then found a chair in a second hand shop for the corner of said pub! It was in quite good nick, but needed reupholstering and freshening up…

…and guess who got the job?!

As I’m shortly to become a grandmother again, and will no doubt become a little preoccupied with the new arrival, I decided to get this piece sorted as the focus of this month’s blog, and well before the excitement of a new baby takes over.

Some years ago, my now pregnant daughter and I spent a fun week attending an upholstery course – so it was now time to find out how much (if any!) knowledge has been retained!

Here’s How I Went About It:

Step 1:

First I needed to remove the cushions wedged in place with dowel rods, bolts and screws. This task was a little above my pay grade, so I enlisted the help of the husband!

Step 2:

I had to find out exactly what I was working with! A quick inspection showed the frames, cushioning and lining fabric of the seat and backrest to be in good condition (the actual upholstery fabric had been removed by the shopkeeper). The wooden frame of the chair was solid wood but finished with dated opaque gloss varnish.

Step 3:

The next job was to source new upholstery fabric and decide how to freshen up the framework. Our local market has a great fabric stall where I found the perfect fabric – result!

Step 4:

I then sanded off the thick layers of gloss varnish. Thank goodness for an electric sander as the old varnish was as tough as can be! Luckily, this handy piece of equipment soon had us down to a clean, smooth surface, revealing a beautiful wood grain. The corners and grooves needed a little extra attention with sandpaper and a file, but in the end it all came off beautifully.

Step 5:

Some dark walnut stain and two coats of matte varnish applied with a small roller gave me a finish that went very well with the husband’s paneling in the designated corner!

Step 6:

Next, it was time to put my memory to the test, and try to apply some of those upholstery skills! First came making the patterns to fit the frames and cutting out the fabric, taking care that the stripes on the fronts and backs matched, and also that the stripes on both cushions lined up with each other.

The tips and tricks learned on our course of marking the linings clearly, and keeping the fabric in place with tacks saved the day!

Step 7:

Sewing the backrest pieces to fit the frame took a bit of trial and error tailoring to get a snug and neat finish… and then it was time for some fun – my opportunity to use my newly acquired electric staple gun for the first time! While not quite the pneumatic version we used on the course, it was infinitely more precise and powerful than my old handheld number!

Step 8:

Remembering to keep the fabric taut and the corner folds neat before stapling was key at this stage. Lightly hammering the fabric in place with temporary tacks before stapling down for a neat and secure result is worth remembering. The tacks can be removed once you are happy with the result.

Top tip: Don’t rush this stage, and check your fabric design remains in place as you work on getting the tension tight.

Step 9:

Once the cushions were complete, it went back to the husband, for him to prise the cushions back into place – quite a finicky business! Once they had slotted in they were screwed and bolted down to complete the assignment.

Job done!

My husband has given it the thumbs up and I can now get on with an order for bunting for the nursery! Keep an eye out for my next blog which will update you on how that turns out!


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