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Be the (Pine)Apple of His Eye This Father’s Day!

Be the (Pine)Apple of His Eye This Father’s Day!

Socks, ties and aftershave. Tired of giving him the same old gifts every Father’s Day? then read on to discover exactly where Wendy Turner-Webster got her inspiration for this fabulous handmade gift, and see how thinking outside the box can take your crafting to exciting new places!

The idea for my dad’s Father’s Day present this year began with a conversation about my mum’s severe allergy to strawberries. She developed this allergy in her early 70s, and with it relinquished any dream of remortgaging the house to fund an afternoon of sitting on Henman Hill scoffing a bowl full of Wimbledon strawberries and cream. Such a great shame, as my mum has always enjoyed eating strawberries!

After commiserating with Mum again about her dreadful allergy, we then landed on the subject of ‘favourite fruits’. My mum’s favourite fruit is now peaches, my favourite fruit is mangoes, and it turns out that my dad’s favourite fruit is pineapple.

Well, you learn something new every day!

A week or two later I was wondering what I could make my dad for Father’s Day this year, and the conversation about favourite fruits came to mind… and thus the idea of a pineapple-themed pressie was born. A pineapple candle holder I thought… just what my dad needs!

Being a Crafty Beggar, I of course wanted to make use of things that were already lying about the house waiting to be recycled, hence the body of the pineapple being an old plastic bottle.

I simply covered it with some air-drying clay and got the pineapple texture affect by mixing paint and wall filler, and pushing it through a stencil in the design of some netting.

I hope my dad enjoys his Father’s Day present this year. Actually it’s a good job his favourite fruit is pineapple… trying to do the project with a blueberry for inspiration wouldn’t have had quite the same result!

Fancy trying your hand at creating an eye-catching candle holder, or something else ornamental this Father’s Day? Viva Decor Concrete is a fantastic modelling clay which is easy to mix and work.

Practical and versatile, it can be moulded with the hands; all you need to do is wet your fingertips and get shaping! It can be rolled or pressed out, shaped using cutters, or patterned using stamps and stencils. It can even be shaped using objects, such as a bowl, (it can be applied to glass and plastic) so you could create your own pot, fruit bowl or other ornamental gift, with ease! Once it’s completely dry, you can then go on to decorate it with Viva Decor Paints, and make your Father’s Day gift truly one of a kind!

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