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Make Your Own Unicorn Easter Basket [+ Free Templates!]

Make Your Own Unicorn Easter Basket [+ Free Templates!]

Easter will soon be here, so why not make something a little different this year to fill with Easter treats? This unicorn Easter basket is a magical alternative to the usual Easter chicks and bunnies, and you only need two sheets of 12 x 12” card to make it! There are templates provided to create all the pieces you need for this super-fun Easter make, all you need are a few extra items from your crafty stash… and some goodies to fill it with!

You Will Need:

How to Make a Unicorn Easter Basket:

Step 1:

unicorn Easter basket tutorial image

Use a circle cutter or a large die to make a 28cm diameter circle from light grey card. Draw a 12cm diameter circle in the middle. Mark the centre point, then cut the circle into quarters from the outer edge up to the central circle, using a craft knife.

Step 2:

unicorn Easter basket tutorial image

Cut down the centre of each quarter with a craft knife up to the central circle. Repeat the process twice more, cutting down each eighth, then each sixteenth.

Step 3:

unicorn Easter basket tutorial image

Trim down the sides of each piece so they are the same width at the outer edge as they are at the central circle. Trim several 1cm strips from another sheet of matching card.

Step 4:

unicorn Easter basket tutorial image

Score around the central circle then fold every other piece of card so they stand up vertically. Glue a 1cm strip of card on the outside of the vertical pieces along the bottom.

Step 5:

Fold the rest of the pieces up so they stand vertically, then glue in place on the 1cm strip of card. Thread another 1cm strip above the first one, weaving in and out of each upright strip of card and adding a little glue to hold it in place. Repeat until you reach the top.

Easter craft project image

Once you’ve reached the top, trim to neaten, then fold a length of washi tape over the top edge. For the handle, trim a piece of the remaining grey card, 4cm wide. Fold in half, then fold in half again, then glue together and attach either side of the basket.

Step 6:

Easter craft project image

Use the templates provided to draw and cut out the horn, ears, flowers, leaves and eyes from coloured card, glitter paper and silver mirri board. You can use an embossing tool to add more detail to the horn.

Step 7:

unicorn Easter basket tutorial image

Shape and layer up the flowers, then attach to the bottom of the horn, adding a large gem in the centre. Attach to the top of the basket then add the ears, leaves and eyes. Add some paper flowers, then wrap ribbon around the handle and finish with matching bows.

Alternative Unicorn Easter Basket:

unicorn Easter basket tutorial image

Use the template provided to draw, cut out, and score a basket. Fold all the pieces inwards, then adhere the three strips on each side to the central triangles, to form the basic shape. Fold the circles in half and adhere over the top of each triangle to neaten, then attach the handles either side with brads. Add paper flowers, glitter flowers and sparkly dome stickers around the horn and ears. Trim strips of black card to create fringed eyelashes, then add gems across the top for extra sparkle!

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