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Our Pick of Unicorn-Themed Crafting

Our Pick of Unicorn-Themed Crafting

Unicorns are still a big hit with everyone… so we thought it was about time we collated our favourite (and most fantastic!) unicorn-themed crafts, projects and patterns at Create and Craft for you to get stuck into. Whether you’re a baker, a sewing enthusiast, a papercrafter or you’re hooked on crochet (you see what we did there?) there’s something here for the unicorn lover in you. Read on to discover all the magic that unicorn crafting has to offer, and let us know which is your favourite!

Unicorn Summer Frappes:

Why are unicorns so popular right now? There’s something about pastel pink, lilac and turquoise colourways that are just irresistible! And this gorgeous frappe has all that – AND its own unicorn horn! *Squeals like a teenage girl* There’s only one word for Wilton’s Unicorn Frappe: epic. Truly, it’s the most magical drink you’ll sip all summer. Plus, it’s surprisingly quick and easy to make – discover how, right here!

Toft Unicorn Crochet Kit:

There’s so much love for this stunning mythical creature right now, that it kind of makes sense to have one in an adorable, and totally snuggleable format… and here it is! This fab little kit from Toft not only provides you with a fun crochet project to sink your hooks into, but the end result is just as wonderful! The perfect gift for unicorn lovers across the land, this cuddly little unicorn named Chablis will make a someone a lovely magical buddy!

Hooded Unicorn Blanket

Love unicorns? Love crochet? Then you’re going to love this! We asked the wonderfully talented Charlie Mumford to create a crochet unicorn blanket so soft and snuggly you’d never want to get out of it… and she has not disappointed! Check out her fantastic step-by-step tutorial right here, and use the free pattern to create your very own unicorn blanket which can be adapted to suit any size… fully-grown unicorn lovers, rejoice!

My Craft Studio Believe in the Magic CD ROM with Special Edition Inserts:

Featuring a beautiful array of unicorns and ethereal style designs in whimsical, sketch, cartoon and watercolour styles, this fantastic set has got you well and truly covered when it comes to all things unicorn. Why commit to one style when there are just so many gorgeous ones?!

Which of our unicorn craft projects is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below, and share with all the unicorn fanatics in your life!

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