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Trimcraft DIY Wonderland Wreath Tutorial [Video]

Trimcraft DIY Wonderland Wreath Tutorial [Video]

Christmas and wreaths go hand-in-hand; they’re the perfect decoration for your front door. Traditionally, they’re made using flowers, leaves, twigs and berries, but these ornaments won’t last forever. So instead, many crafters decide to make reusable wreaths using polystyrene rings! Today we’re bringing you Trimcraft‘s take on a DIY wreath, made using Helz Cuppleditch Wonderland papers, frames, and decoupage. Watch the video tutorial below to see Kathy Hodson decorate her polystyrene ring wreath from scratch; it’s so easy to recreate at home!

Time to Make: 2 Hours

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials You’ll Need:

Step 1:

Choose two paper designs from the Wonderland paper collection. Trim into strips measuring 3cm wide and long enough to wrap around the wreath with a slight overlap. Ours were 22cm. You will need 20 strips in each paper.

Step 2:

Start to cover the wreath by wrapping the paper around and fixing at the back with Permafix red tape. Continue around the wreath, layering and overlapping each paper slightly as you go around.

Step 3:

With the third paper design, back each of the wooden frames. An easy way to do this is to draw around the frame and cut out just inside the lines before glueing to the frame. Alternatively, you can glue your frame to the paper and use scissors to cut away the excess.

Step 4:

Fix the frames to the wreath and decorate with characters from the decoupage pad. Finish with the J, O and Y letter stickers in the frames.

Step 5:

Hang your wreath with Christmas ribbon to bring joy and wonder to your home this winter!

Share your thoughts, feelings, and deepest Christmas desires in the comment box below!

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