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Creativeworld Trend-Spotting: The Latest Crafts Showcasing This Year

Creativeworld Trend-Spotting: The Latest Crafts Showcasing This Year

Like crafting? Love design? Keen to discover 2018’s top three crafting trends? Then you’ll definitely want to see the latest from the Creativeworld show in Frankfurt!

Imagine a convention centre packed with exhibits featuring the newest design trends and products, from paper arts to fine arts, paints and soft crafts. Creativeworld in Frankfurt, Germany, is the largest trade exhibition for the craft industry—making it the perfect place to trend-spot!

The four-day trade fair is undeniably international, with exhibitors and attendees from all over the world—you’ll hear conversations in German, Japanese, Spanish, and more… plus English in a variety of accents. Manufacturers release their newest product to the world here, while retailers both large and small shop the show for merchandise to put in their stores. Artists and crafters provide live demonstrations on everything from spray-paint street art to delicate watercolours—plus soft crafts like knitting and needlework, and paper arts and jewellery.

Every year the Creativeworld show reveals key trends for the craft market. Researched and presented by trend bureau, Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano, the Trends Section of the floor was a must-see for any attendee. Let’s take a look at the three key trends they identified:

Trend #1: The Gardener

Here, nature is the inspiration for patterns and motifs, plus colour palettes drawn straight from the garden. Leaf prints, insects and floral images combine with a range of greens, bright flower shades and rich autumnal tones. Look for the gardener trend to influence stamping, block printing and fabric arts, as well as home decor. After all, you don’t have to have a green thumb (or a garden!) to make the most of this style.

Trend #2: The Purist

The Purist refers to clean, minimalist lines and understated style. But this is far from boring; you’ll see high-contrast black and white combinations, polka dot patterns and the incorporation of metals, glass and acetate.

Typography plays a major role in this trend, with words, poems or sayings incorporated into these clean and classic designs. Love the Scandinavian designs that have been so popular in the past few years? They dovetail perfectly with the Purist trend.

Trend #3: The Colourist

In this trend, colour – rather than material or motif – is the focal point. Bold, vivid shades combine to create high energy, from magenta to yellow, azure and violet to emerald green. They often pair with crisp white or soft gray for contrast.

Look for attention-grabbing tones to show up in everything from painted porcelain to graffiti art. Not all colours are bright and bold, though; the many paint companies who exhibited brought new twists on colour, including soft chalk pastels.

Already we’re seeing these trends showing up in releases from some of our favourite companies. Altenew’s leaf stamps and new green ink pads were included in the Gardener section of the Trends display, while Kuretake’s booth display showcased a very Colourist-inspired dress made entirely from their markers!

Want to check out our range of stunning nature-inspired Altenew Stamps for yourself? Discover delicate florals, elegant branches, feathers, leaves, petals and more right here on our website. Unleash your inner gardener, and get creative with natural designs, earthy inks, and more!

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Notice anything else about these three trends identified by Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano?

They’re all based on creators.

The company says:

“For 2018, we look at three craft-loving types who combine fresh and familiar techniques and materials with the latest themes and colours, and make
something new.”

Here’s to the craft-loving types who inspire us this year and every year—and provide us with that very special something new!

Which of the three key trends suits you the best… are you a gardener, a purist or a colourist? Let us know in the comments below!

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