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Sarah Millsop Goes Behind the Scenes at Totally Beads HQ

Sarah Millsop Goes Behind the Scenes at Totally Beads HQ

If you’re a jewellery-making fanatic, you’ve probably heard of one of our fantastic suppliers of all things beading – Totally Beads! Well, earlier this year, Sarah Millsop took a sneak-peek behind the scenes to find out exactly what goes on at Totally Beads HQ… and reveals just what an incredible Aladdin’s Cave it really is!

Totally Beads are one of our fantastic jewellery suppliers, and I had the privilege of spending the day rummaging through their warehouse, meeting the fabulous team behind the beads, and, of course, questioning Kitty and her husband about some upcoming shows and news!

Kitti and her husband started the business almost 15 years ago. Moving from strength to strength, they are now the proud proprieters of an amazing warehouse FILLED to the brim with treasures they have sourced throughout the years.

It’s a stunning Aladdin’s cave of semi-precious beads, pearls of all shapes and sizes, every colour of seed bead imaginable, and wall-to-wall crystal… I’m surprised I managed to walk out of there!

Can you believe Kitty has been bringing you incredibly jewellery-making supplies here at Create & Craft for 2 years already?! A very Happy Anniversary to you Totally Beads! We’ve loved the sparkle and flare you bring to our shows!

To stay on top of all our beading hours and upcoming launches, you can head over to my ‘Sarah Millsop on Create and Craft’ Facebook page, where all of our supplier shows will be set up as events.

Not only does Kitti put together some fabulous kits, but she has also taught us many of her beading skills over the years and loves to share her in depth knowledge of jewellery making.  They put shows together with beaders of all abilities in mind – as well as those who’ve never dabbled with jewellery-making before. It doesn’t matter how much experience you may or may not have… everyone’s a beginner once!

Kitti’s City and Guilds qualification certainly comes in handy; she frequently refers back to techniques she has learnt over the years as well as new ones she is always discovering when scanning the beading aisles for inspiration and new ideas!

Take at look at this stunning piece created as part of her course work…over 50 hours of beading were put into this work of art and I think we can all agree it was well worth the time and effort!

I couldn’t help but get involved during my visit (as did Lucy, Kitti’s daughter) and we had an afternoon of designing kits, finding goodies for shows, and plenty of general magpieing… you’re jealous aren’t you?!

Well you’ll be pleased to hear that Totally Beads do run regular open days, and it’s a great opportunity to put some of your ideas and questions over to the team in person!

One of the items I fell in love with were the hematite donuts, I designed and made this peyote stitched bail, and these kits will be available next month… I’ll keep you posted!

I know Kitti would love to hear if you are looking for something in particular over the next few months, so she can endeavour to find it for you! Dean does always describe us as your personal shoppers, after all!

If you would like to know more about our jewellery guests, or have any questions you would like to ask them, leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and we will get them answered for you!

Until next time, happy crafting!

Sarah x


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