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Our Top 10 Art Marker Pens: Unleash Your Inner Creative

Our Top 10 Art Marker Pens: Unleash Your Inner Creative

Whether you’re into watercolour, alcohol ink, eye-catching sparkle…. or you’re totally new to the world of brush marker art but you’re keen to learn more, then this is the place to be! Below we’ll guide you through our pick of the best art marker pens available, their features, and what they’re capable of, so you can learn exactly what kind of incredible results you could achieve with the right pen in your hand!

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1. Spectrum Noir AquaTint 3 Pen Set – Glitz and Glamour

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Filled with a bright and water-soluble dye-based ink, the AuquaTint range of pens from Spectrum Noir enables you to create bold and beautiful artist quality designs. Each pen features a fine nylon brush tip for a truly beautiful application, and colour can be applied as accurately or freely as you wish, as you can work it with water afterwards to achieve amazing blended results! You can buy the gorgeous Glitz and Glamour Set here, or view the full range here.

2. Tonic Studios Nuvo Brush Script Pen Collection

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Nuvo Brush Script Art Marker Pens provide the perfect way for you to add vibrant detail to your papercrafting projects. These water-based pens feature a brilliant flexible brush tip, enabling you to draw different line thicknesses with one stroke! The addition of water can diffuse and seamlessly blend the colours, enabling you to create a range of subtle tones and refined finishes.

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Nuvo Brush Script Pens are divided into carefully selected colour combinations; you can buy the collection here, or view the individual colour sets here.

3. Spectrum Noir 24 Pen Box Set – Vintage Colours

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The original Spectrum Noir Marker introduces you to the super-smooth coverage and blending effects of alcohol markers. With its unique Colouring System, you’ll soon learn the basics of blending, and be colouring like an expert before you know it! You can easily achieve smooth, even blends without having to be an experienced artist. Simply layer same-group colours whilst following the numbers, to create beautiful and realistic depth and tone.

The Colouring System art marker pens have all been carefully grouped for you by colour and intensity, then numbered from light to dark – we just adore this Vintage Colours Box Set!

4. Tonic Studios Glitter Marker Collection

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Who doesn’t love adding a sparkling finish to a project- especially to special occasion crafts! Well now you can add sparkly colour to your projects with ease, with this collection of glitter marker pens from Tonic Studios. These water-based coloured pens with glitter feature broad nibs, making the pens super sturdy and easy to use, and enabling you to achieve a perfectly smooth finish. Featuring Tonic Studios quality in design and reliability, these pens are one of the best ways to quickly and effortlessly add sparkle to Christmas cards, party stationery and more… just read the reviews!

5. Colortime Glitter Markers 12 Assorted Colours

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And for the miniature crafters in your life who might not be able to resist reaching for your pen stash, there’s these – Colortime Glitter Markers! A water-based glitter marker that’s durable and easy to use, these are a fantastic investment for the kids’ craft supply… so they keep their hands off yours!

6. Prism Craft Markers

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Prism Craft Markers are ideal for use in papercrafting, scrapbookinging and rubber stamping – these versatile markers are permanent and can therefore also be used on acetate, glass, ceramics, wood, metal and more!

Alcohol markers are made up of alcohol solution plus dye ink and, when used, the solution ensures that the dye ink floats onto the paper. The solution then evaporates, leaving a super smooth layer of dye ink with the minimum of lines produced in the process.The ink blends together easily to create shadows and highlighted areas with minimum fuss!

Prism Craft Markers have two ends: a soft bullet tip for use on detailed colouring, plus a wider chisel tip for shading larger areas. This makes it easier to colour a range of projects, including the tiniest of sections! The ergonomic barrel of these markers has been especially chosen to make them easy to hold, as well as to prevent them from rolling off your work surface – how cool is that?

7. Prism Crafting Handbook

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Okay, okay, we understand that, strictly speaking, this is not a pen set – but it’s a great investment in furthering your skills if you do already own, or choose to buy, a set of the fantastic Prism Craft Markers! Packed with hints, tips and tricks across 68 pages, this fantastic handbook will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating perfectly coloured and blended projects! Learn techniques such as adding texture, colour transferring, blending by flicking, highlighting, and more!

8. Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers 6 Pen Set – Rare Minerals

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These fabulous dual-tipped markers will give a perfectly smooth, and highly reflective finish. These high-quality water-based inks are acid-free and archival, for a flawless fade-free result, making them ideal for scrapbooking, cardmaking and more. These metallic markers feature a premium water-based ink that’s been finely blended with special metallic pigment – the result is an unbeatably opaque and flawless laydown of colour, perfectly balanced with an impressive sheen of metallic.

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There is no squeezing or activating required, these gorgeous pens will give an opaque, ultra-smooth coverage to your decorating, colouring or calligraphy projects with ease!

9. Spectrum Noir ArtLiner 8 Pen Set – Brights

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And now – something for the finer details! These Artliner pens are perfect for sketching, outlining and colouring fine details. Ideal for use with alcohol markers, mixed media, adult colouring, doodling and detailing, these fineliner pens feature quality micro-pigment inks that are light-fast and waterproof, as well as quick-drying and smudge-free!

10. Tonic Studios Nuvo Aqua Flow Pens – Surprise Party

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The Aqua Flow Pens are uniquely designed to create stunning watercolour effects in a variety of vibrant colours, without mess or hassle. These bright water-based art marker pens offer highly pigmented and colourful inks which seamlessly absorb into the paper for a smooth watercolour finish. The synthetic watercolour brush nib is perfectly formed and incredibly fluid to use, making this amazingly versatile pen perfect for adding small detail, or colour washing larger areas. Each pen has its own reservoir complete with a non-drip valve, so you don’t need to worry about it leaking in storage! View the full range of Nuvo Aqua Flow Pens here.

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