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TOFT Mug Pattern: The Cutest Crochet Starter Kit

TOFT Mug Pattern: The Cutest Crochet Starter Kit

Christmas is a fabulous time of year for crafters. As the nights draw in, there’s nothing better than spending a cosy night in working on your creations, especially those with a festive theme! Christmas is a great excuse to share our crafty hobbies with loved ones, whether it’s making them a gift to treasure, or setting them off on their own crafting adventure with a starter pack for your favourite hobby. TOFT’s reindeer enamel mug is the perfect way to tick both of these boxes. As part of their 2017 Christmas range, TOFT has introduced this innovative crochet pattern on a mug.

Bundled together with 25g of 100% British wool in the colour ‘mushroom’ and a soft-grip 3mm crochet hook, this mug-and-wool combination will make you a mini reindeer that sits at an adorable 10cm high once complete! Then you just need to decide whether to keep it or gift it!

The finished reindeer looks fab sitting on a shelf as part of your festive decor, or you could attach a string to hang it on your tree. Alternatively, you could pop it back into the mug and give it as a beautiful gift. And if you run out of time, don’t panic — gift the yarn, hook and mug as a brilliant beginner combination to get your friends and family started on their own crochet journey.

Just like the rest of TOFT’s range, this crochet project is perfect for beginner crafters. It’s based on just one stitch — the British double crochet stitch — and is worked in several small pieces to give a sense of achievement each time you finish a piece! Nestled inside the mug is 25g of TOFT’s super-soft luxury British wool, spun from the finest sheep fleeces to give a long-lasting toy. All you need in addition is a sewing needle and a small amount of toy stuffing.

How to Create Slip Stitch Spines for Reindeer Antlers

This mini reindeer only has one addition beyond the basic double crochet stitch — the slip stitch spine technique. Although it sounds tricky, this technique doesn’t take much to master and means that your reindeer will sport the perfect antlers just in time for the festive season. Here, I’ll show you how to add you slip stitch spines for the antlers (using chunky yarn for clarity). — Jo Clements, TOFT.

1. Make a slipknot and insert the hook through the fabric at the desired position of the first chain. Slip stitch into place.

2. Wrap the yarn over your hook.

3. Pull the wrapped yarn through the stitch already on your hook – this counts as one chain stitch.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have chained the number of stitches stated in the pattern.

5. Slip stitch back down the chain by inserting your hook into the stitch below, wrapping the yarn around your hook, and pulling through both the stitch and the existing loop on your hook.

6. Repeat step 5 until you reach the beginning of your chain.

7. Fasten off at the base by inserting your hook back into the fabric and pulling through both loops at once!

Once you’ve added your antlers, it’s time to sit down, enjoy a cup of tea, and admire your handiwork! — Jo Clements.

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