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5 Fantastic Things to Make with Paperclips

5 Fantastic Things to Make with Paperclips

National Paperclip Day is upon us. Honouring the humble paperclip, this day of recognition is celebrated every year on the 29th May. It’s actually one of our favourites; without this small accessory, how can we organise all of our papers with such ease? You could say, they help prevent us from getting our wires crossed. We’ve got our party hats on today and would love for you to get involved, too. That’s why we’ve created the “Paperclip Challenge”. Combining the adrenaline rush of a tired youth with the creative spirit of an unconventional upcycler, this is sure to be the ultimate test of your crafting skills. But before you rush off to find your paperclip stash, here are 5 fantastic things we’ve made with paperclips.

If you’re looking for some fancy and free inspiration for your paperclip art, we’re here to bring you some innovative project inspiration. Paperclips are super easy to bend into shape. They can be shaped in just a few seconds for simple designs, or a couple of minutes for something more complex. Use standard metal clips or ones with a plastic coating; the choice is yours!

1. Paperclip Planes

Paperclips shaped into five planes

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a–well, yeah, actually we guess you’re right with the second one. These paperclip planes are fast (to make), spacious (if you’re an ant), and a lot of fun.

2. Paperclip Animals

Paperclips shaped into 16 different animals

If you’re partial to a challenge, these paperclip animals may require jumbo-sized clips or two combined. We couldn’t decide between a lot of animal kingdom – so we made them all!

3. Paperclip Couple

Paperclips shaped into a couple holding hands

D’awww. Just look at them. If you’re head over heels for another, this pairing is probably as romantic as you can get with two paperclips. We’ve got a lot of love for this one.

4. Paperclip Hearts

Paperclips shaped into three hearts

Bend your way to another’s heart with these super-cute paperclip hearts! With just a twist and a twirl of a jumbo clip, soon you’ll be able to give away so many hearts to others.

5. Paperclip Alphabet

Paperclips shaped into the letters of the alphabet

Everyone loves a personalised project. That’s why this paperclip alphabet is a sure-fire way to get a smile from even the toughest nut to crack. Trust us, we tried it out on several cats.