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Sarah Millsop’s Tennis Bracelet Tutorial

Sarah Millsop’s Tennis Bracelet Tutorial

A straightforward yet gorgeous make, Sarah Millsop‘s beaded tennis bracelet tutorial is the perfect jewellery-making project for someone looking to add instant sparkle to their look! These delicate bracelets ooze elegance, and are a fantastic way to practise your jewellery beading technique. Want to see step-by-step how it’s done? Check out Sarah Millsop‘s beading tutorial below! And if you’re new to jewellery beading, don’t panic! We have plenty of beading supplies at Create and Craft to get get you started on your journey – plus an in-depth Beginner’s Guide to Jewellery Making that’s packed with tips and advice!

These bracelets are a gorgeous way to bring some colour and sparkle to an outfit. They are lightweight, delicate and nice a straight-forward make, too! We will start by creating a base frame, and then come back over our bead work to add the fire polished beads for the perfect finishing touch.

Top Tip: Don’t worry if your framework is not perfectly neat before adding the fire polished beads. Adding these and coming back over our work, will neaten it as we go!

You Will Need:


Step 1:

Take approximately 1m of beading thread and pick up 8x size 11 seed beads. Tie a knot in your threads, leaving a tail approximately 15cm long. You will weave this tail back through your work at the end.

Our base is going to be made up of ‘square sections’ containing 8 seed beads, so 2 seed beads for each side.

Step 2:

Work your needle through 4x seed beads, so that you travel through the beads and away from the knot. Pick up 6x seed beads, and come back though your last 2 seed beads in your previous beads. This will give you a second ‘square’ shape connected to your previous round of beads.

Step 3:

Move through the first 2 seed beads you added in this second round of beads, as shown in the image. You will also need to move through the next 2 to position yourself to add your next ‘square’. Pick up 6x seed beads, and return back through the 2 seed beads on the base row.

Step 4:

Continue adding beads in this way, until you achieve the length of bracelet you require. Remember to leave 1 inch in your measurements, for your clasp.

Step 5:

Now that you can see the top and base beads of your ‘square’ netting, you will add your fire polished beads in the centre of them. Pick up a 4mm fire polished bead, and sew through the opposite 2 seed beads in the opposite direction, so that you are fixing the bead in place diagonally, across your ‘square’.

Step 6:

Repeat this all the way down the bracelet. Keep your tension tight, and make sure you are always securing the beads in the same direction.

Step 7:

When you add your last fire polished bead, you will need to add a cluster of 4 seed beads to the end of your bracelet. We will attach a jumpring and your clasp at the end.

Step 8:

Move back up the 2 side beads of your first square, pick up a seed bead, and sew through the second square sides. You will need to fill the gaps in-between each of the squares all the way along the bracelet. Can you see from the topside of this picture how much neater it looks with these gaps filled? This will really stabilise and strengthen your bracelet too. Once this is complete, you will be able to tie half hitch knots along your work, and weave the threads into you beadwork, before trimming to finish. Add you jumprings and chosen clasp to the loops of seed beads left at the ends.

I hope you enjoy this make, you can get it down to under an hour with some practise, and you can have great fun experimenting with different colours, too!

Lots of love,

Sarah x

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