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Take Your Crafting Under the Sea!

Take Your Crafting Under the Sea!

World Oceans Day celebrates our ocean on the 8th June this year, raising awareness for its protection. The ocean is a fundamental part of life on this planet; it’s our lifeblood. The plants depend on it, the animals depend on it, and we depend on it too. In fact, our oceans span across around three-quarters of the planet and generate half of the atmosphere’s oxygen. There’s no wonder that humankind is drawn to taking inspiration from such a beautifully significant part of the world. To join in with celebrations, we’ve created a top 10 list of ocean-themed craft products that you can incorporate into your crafting. Let’s dive right in!

Not surprisingly, ocean and sea-themed products are in their plenty. They not only cover papercrafting, but a wealth of other crafting categories across our site. From ocean embroidery and deep sea die-cutting, to fabric dying and sugar craft, get ready for a splash.

1. Ocean’s Edge Candlewicking Embroidery Kit

Remind yourself of the beach every day with this beautifully embroidered seashell design.

2. Disney Finding Dory Ocean Scene Melded Die Set

If you’re looking to create ocean scenes with coral, Disney has the melded die set for you.

If you’d like to take it one step further, you can purchase the ocean scene with a seaweed die!

3. Bead Spider Poseidon Graduated Shell and Chain Bundle

Incorporate natural seashells into your jewellery making for the ultimate nod to the ocean.

4. Joanna Sheen Signature Dies – Ocean Corner

What are four popular elements from the ocean? Coral, starfish, shell and fish, of course!

If this fish doesn’t take your fancy, how about a seahorse with a long snake-like tail?

5. Dylon Fabric Dye – Hand Use – 26 Ocean Blue

Imagine a vibrant shawl or a vivid bedspread, drawing its intensity from the deep ocean.

Prefer to work with a washing machine? This little pack of dye will refresh any wardrobe.

6. Sea Breeze Adhesive Chipboard

Build beautiful beach scenes using 43 individual chipboard pieces with vintage designs.

7. For the Love of Stamps – Under the Sea

Do you have a love of stamps? Stamp using sharks, dolphins, jellyfish, octopus, and more!

8. Wilton Sea Life Fondant and Gum Paste Silicone Mould

If cake decorating is your forte, now you can bring the ocean right into your kitchen!

9. Tattered Lace Mermaid Die

Mermaids – fact or fiction? Step into a realm of fantasy with this elegantly postured mermaid.

10. TOFT Crochet Aquatic Bundle

Can aquatic creatures be cute and cuddly? These crochet toys are sure to float your boat.

If you’ve been busy working on ocean-themed craft projects, let us know! Send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter, or leave us a comment on the blog below.

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