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Summer Seashell Crafting – What To Do With Your Beach Treasures

Summer Seashell Crafting – What To Do With Your Beach Treasures

Forget about getting beach body ready… are you beach crafting ready?! With summer fast-approaching, now’s the perfect time to go hunting for beach treasures that you can incorporate into your crafting, to give your projects a colourful summer vibe! We tasked the lovely Julie Peasgood of the Crafty Beggars to come up with an eye-catching project bursting with spring and summer fun – and she’s done just that with this gorgeous seashell bouquet! Check out how she created this colourful mixed media piece below… then get your sandals on and start collecting your own summer treasures to turn into gorgeous works of art!


Julie Peasgood’s Seashell Flowers:

I found a picture frame in a charity shop recently – not particularly special, but I reckoned I could give it a new lease of life with a thin wash of white chalk paint, to enhance the attractive grain of the wood.

It was the perfect size for the ‘pot of flowers’ design I wanted to create from some shells collected in the Outer Hebrides last month. Harris (the largest island) has the most spectacular white sand beaches, like granulated sugar, washed with a transparent blue sea. I loved beachcombing there, and I even managed to find a piece of slate in a perfect plant-pot shape!

My first challenge was how to display everything – or rather, how best to stick the shells and slate down. I found that mixing up some cheap DIY filler did the trick, coloured an appealing shade of mint green with some lovely paint, which I mixed in with the filler, rather than painted on.

I placed the slate and shells into the filler whilst it was still wet, and left it to dry overnight. I then painted the shells with various shades of coloured paint. When that was dry, I got to work with Pinflair’s Pearl Wands, which proved ideal for embellishing the shell flowers; I also used lines of pearl dots to create the flower stalks.

The plant pot was given a thin glaze from a Pinflair Glitter Wand, and as a final touch I added various sparkly gems – I can never resist a bit of bling! I now have a summery picture that will always remind me of a treasured holiday…

Fancy creating your own mixed media art?

You Will Need:

Have you tried your hand at mixed media crafting before? Or are you dabbling for the very first time? Let us know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Summer Seashell Crafting – What To Do With Your Beach Treasures”

  • What a lovely summery creation! I’m going to try and make something like it. I love watching Julie as Ive always enjoyed her work as an actress, she is so bright and bubbly and now she is making wonderful crafts too. She always explains everything well so I feel confident to give it a try. Thanks Julie! Best wishes, Doreen

  • What a great idea and a project to do with your treasures from Lewis in the Outer Hebrides Julie.
    Maybe I’ll get to see the beautiful white sandy beaches everyone raves about one day.

    • Many thanks Christine! The beaches are actually the best I have ever seen anywhere the world – I really hope you’re able to go – you won’t regret it! Julie xx

  • I’ve only just got back on internet so doing some catching up. One of the first things I found was this great idea!
    I run a small art group for older folk, most of whom have some disabities, so I’m always looking for things everybody can have a go at, this is perfect.
    We often get given old frames or , like you I pick them up at charity shops and this is a great way to use up those we can do little else with. thankyou so much for the idea, will try and let you know how we do. regards Victoria xx

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