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Stunning Spring Planters: The Perfect Way To Give Flowers to Mum

Stunning Spring Planters: The Perfect Way To Give Flowers to Mum

Despite the recent return of incredibly wintry weather, spring is – believe it or not – definitely still on its way! And with it, our gardens will soon be springing back into action… which is why Wendy Turner Webster’s Mother’s Day project couldn’t be more perfectly timed!

Fancy creating a beautifully embellished planter for the lady in your life who just loves pottering and potting? Over to Wendy Turner Webster, who shares just why her mother is so special, and how she created something spectacular for her using a household container, and some crafty know-how!

I am pleased to say that my mum is still with us on Planet Earth! She is 87, and it was touch and go a couple of years ago when she and Dad came to visit us in London on my birthday… and she had a stroke on the journey down.

Happy bloomin’ birthday!

She stumbled out of the car, and her voice was so slurred, I thought she had just had some major dental work. Either that or had hit the gin bottle at Watford Gap Services! Stubborn as a mule, she tried to insist that all she needed was a sit down and a cup of tea. Equally as stubborn, my dad concurred.

Luckily, Gary and I had seen the TV ‘infomercials,’ and took her straight to hospital where the fact that she had suffered a stroke was confirmed.

She did, in time, make a full recovery, although in the middle of it she did fall on the cobblestones outside her back door and knock her front teeth out! This was not an attractive look, and Dad took her straight to the dentist where the reconstruction work began. Now she can smile again with confidence!

A Passion For Creativity

My mum has always been a creative person and I think she passed that passion onto me. She has always been an excellent dressmaker, a wonderful flower arranger, and made personalised greetings cards way before it was ‘on trend’ to do so. As children, me and my sisters were given an endless supply of paints, papers, pens, modelling clay and pipe cleaners to have fun with, and mum was always encouraging us to produce various works of art. She still has some of them!

Crafting For Mother’s Day

Since I became an Ambassador for Create and Craft and a presenter of our Crafty Beggars TV show, Mum has shared my enthusiasm for creative projects which make use of ordinary items one might otherwise chuck away… so I know she will appreciate this plant holder that I have made her for Mother’s Day this year.

You Will Need:

As you can see, it started life as a container for laundry detergent!

I added some cotton fabric, ribbons and a broken brooch, and the ugly plastic has been transformed into something of beauty. Happy Mother’s Day, Mum!


Actually… I’m a mother too… I wonder what my two teenage boys have in store for me this Mother’s Day? Breakfast in bed with a crafty lie in to follow? I do hope so!

Will you be spoiling someone special this Mother’s Day? Or have you been dropping hints about the exciting new crafting goodies YOU’D like to receive? Let us know in the comments below!


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