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String Art Tutorial [+ FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE!]

String Art Tutorial [+ FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE!]

Introducing a home decor project with a twist! Well, there are actually lots of twists in this awesome string art tutorial from Carla Bagshaw, which takes you step-by-step through how to create your own eye-catching piece of art that’s sure to become a talking point. Download your free template below, and follow Carla’s instructions on how to create a unique succulent design with a handful of pins and a couple of rolls of string!

Time to Make: 2 hours

Skill Level: Beginner

You Will Need:

Step-by-Step String Art Tutorial:

Step 1:

String art tutorial step

Take the template and hammer nails evenly along the outline, then carefully and slowly remove the template by lifting it up above the nails.

String art tutorial step

Work out which parts of the template would be the lowest (or would be the furthest back on the picture) and number which leaves and which part of the pot you will string first so that they remain at the back. This will enable you to create a more 3-dimensional finish.

String art tutorial step

Step 2:

String art tutorial step

Take your choice of thread and tie a knot around a nail in your ‘lowest’ section (labelled here as number 1), you can snip off any excess. Take the thread and bring it behind the next nail and then wrap it around. Then repeat on the next nail. You will then go all the way around ‘number 1’ back to where you started.

Then take the string and wrap it around another nail; you can either choose to create a random pattern or use diagonal lines. Keep going until you have wrapped around every nail, and the leaves look full.

Step 3:

String art tutorial step

Move onto the ‘next lowest area’ (number 2) and repeat. Continue on with all of the leaves in order, until these are all finished.

Step 4:

String art tutorial step

Choose a different colour for the plant pot, and repeat the process. Start with the lower part of the pot and, when completed, you can move onto the rim. When doing the rim, it will overlap the lower part of the leaves (making it appear higher).

Step 5 (optional):

String art tutorial step

If you want to, you can choose an alternative colour to outline your leaves to give them some extra dimension. I chose a cream for this project, but go with whatever appeals to you most!

To finish, you can drill holes in the top two corners and add string, if you want to hang the project.

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