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Our Crafty Customers Tell Us Why They Start Their Christmas Shopping in June…

Our Crafty Customers Tell Us Why They Start Their Christmas Shopping in June…

If you talk to people outside of our fantastic crafty community, they might give you some strange looks if you tell them that for us, Christmas shopping has already started! We caught up with some of our amazing Create and Craft customers (as well as the one and only Stephanie Weightman!) to find out why now it’s never too early to get in the festive spirit…

Chris Atkinson

What kind of crafting do you specialise in?

I started off with knitting and crochet, then after going to a show I started needle felting with The Makerss and from one of their emails last year I found Create and Craft. Since then, I’ve started paper craft.

What kind of Christmas craft projects do you make?

I started Christmas craft shopping last year for Christmas just gone and for the one coming up.

Why do your Christmas craft projects require such a long lead time?

I wouldn’t say that they need a long lead time, but I started the makes for this Christmas in January so I wouldn’t have a major stress when everything needs to be done in a short space of time. I’m just doing a bit every now and then.

Do you consider yourself an organised crafter?

If you saw the table, I’m working on you wouldn’t need to ask that question. Organised chaos would probably be the best way of describing things. I do have a list of all the cards I’ll need to make for the family that way nothing could sneak up on me.

Anna Taylor Nyrud

“I have been a crafter for over 50 years and I still love my crafting. I love making cards 3D pictures (Papertole). I make to sell at craft fairs and also give to friends and family and some to charity. I start my Christmas makes early, so I am sure the things I make are nice and not made in a rush.”

Liz Merriott

How long have I been a crafter?

Since I was 8. I am now 66.

What type of crafting do you specialise in?

Hand made cards and Stationery

Do you have a craft business?

Yes, my late husband set it up for me as I kept giving cards away that I had made then started being approached for commission orders.

Why do you start your Christmas Craft Shopping in the summer months?

As I usually have commission orders coming in around June/July time I would never get anything completed if I left it any longer.

What Kind of Christmas projects do you make? 

I make Christmas cards, gift boxes, over the past three years I have been doing pyrography on Wooden Christmas Eve boxes and Screen printing on Christmas gift sacks and stockings and also make screens thanks to the Myos for other people.

Do you find it beneficial to be able to get ahead and shop Christmas in June? 

Most definitely- It gives me time to decide what I am doing.

Carol Hart

“I’ve crafted since a child, making dolls clothes. Since then, I’ve done all sorts, sewing, drawing, painting, computer art as well as card crafting using stamps, then dies when they became a ‘thing’.  I don’t make to sell but have made cards for my local church to sell and obviously make them for friends, neighbours, and family.  I love the Christmas in June feature at Create and Craft. Such a big occasion needs plenty of time to get organised. It’s so exciting to view all the festive products and I do find it very helpful to get everything ordered early in anticipation of the big event.”

Debbie Seeley

Who do you make you Christmas crafts for and what sort of thing do you make?

I love to make cards and love the screen sensation ( it’s nice just to be able to buy a plain bag, t shirt or apron etc, use the screens on them.I have made cards for charity in the past as well. I also make a bundle of cards, towards family and friends’ birthday’s, gift wrap them, then they have a selection of cards for their loved ones.

What inspires you to craft for Christmas?

I personally think spending quality time making your own crafts, especially Christmas, makes them more special for family and friends when they receive them, as they know they are made with 1 special ingredient – Love.

Do you find it beneficial to be able to get ahead and shop Christmas in June with Create and Craft?

Yes, I do think I benefit buying my craft items in June, as I tend to have a bit more extra cash in the summer months, as I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford to buy anything during the winter months, as having Christmas presents to buy. So, with shopping in the summer, at least my craft items are paid for and my cards are already made, ready for Christmas time.

Stephanie Weightman

How long have you been a crafter?

As long as I can remember I think I was about 3 years old.

Who do you make your Christmas crafts for?

I make gifts for family and friends and I make my Dads Christmas cards for him to give to family and friends.

Why do you start your Christmas craft shopping in the summer months?

I have soooooo much to do that I could craft Christmas all year round. I just love it. I can also plan bigger projects by starting early.

What kind of Christmas craft projects do you make?

I make decorations for my tree, I decorate my whole house, so mantle pieces and side tables. Our family Dining table I want our house at Christmas to be a really exciting magical wonderland. I even wrap empty boxes so the display looks balanced! I like to take time and enjoy the experience of making everything as well as the feeling of giving when they are made. It makes me happy.

Do you find it beneficial to be able to get ahead and shop Christmas in June with Create and Craft?

Absolutely it also helps me budget my Christmas spending.

Melanie Kilborn

“ I have been a crafter for more years than I can remember in one form or another. I mainly make cards and mini albums with some crochet in between. I make mostly for enjoyment but I also sell a few cards, I sell them to quite a few people (at cost to allow me to replace my materials) who prefer my cards personalised rather than shop bought. I also only ever send out my homemade ones. I like to get all my products well in advance as that gives me more choice. I absolutely love spending hours designing and putting together my first cards-  This is to make sure I am 100% happy with them before making sets, usually of 6 cards for Christmas or Easter. I start early; 1.) to ensure I don’t forget anyone and 2.) so I have time to enjoy the process as I don’t like to feel rushed!”

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