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Our Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Craft Room

Our Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Craft Room

Spring is fast-approaching, and that can only mean one thing… it’s time for the annual spring clean! Some people find great satisfaction in sanitising every nook and cranny throughout their household, while others… well, it’s a lot of hard work! But if we had to choose one room to clean within an inch of its life, it would, of course, have to be the craft room!


Crafting can be a messy hobby; paints and dyes can cause fabric stains, die-cutting produces tiny paper cut-outs that cover tabletops and floors, and craft storage always seems to be a bit of an issue. It seems that over the years, we collect more craft supplies than we’ve got space for! That’s why we think it only seems fitting to bring you an article dedicated to spring cleaning – craft style! So, in the spirit of crafting, here are some tips for organising your craft room.

Remove Unsightly Ink & Paint Stains

Paints, inks and adhesives are pretty stubborn stains to get rid of – but they’re not impossible. Instead of scrubbing and smudging the ink blot for hours, we’ve got a nifty trick that’ll remove your stains – and your worries – with ease: Scraperfect’s Best Ever Cleaner. I mean, they wouldn’t call it that if it wasn’t true, right? This self-proclaimed ‘Earth-friendly’ cleaner is safe for use on rubber stamps, clear stamps, fabrics, craft tools and, most importantly, your hands!

Textile Crafters: Iron Maintenance is Essential

Over time, irons can build up dirt, starch and even limescale; it’s bound to have wear and tear if used regularly. If you’ve accidentally burnt clothing (no shame – we’ve all been there!) it’s likely to have some scorch marks, too. This build up of grime can stain your fabrics and make the iron plate struggle to glide effortlessly across materials, so it makes sense to keep your iron in pristine condition. For that reason, we bring you the Vilene Iron Cleaner Stick. This handy cleaning tube removes scorch, starch and burn marks from the iron plate quickly, so you can cruise through the creases with minimum fuss!

Keep Your Brushes in Tip-Top Condition

If you’re a keen painter or cake decorator, you probably have a large stash of brushes. If you paint on a regular basis, it’s so easy to clog your brushes’ bristles up with hardened paint that just doesn’t seem to want to budge. Unfortunately, this debris from a previous portrait can seriously affect your next project; paint won’t apply as smoothly and cleanly. Natural Turpenoid is an extraordinary paintbrush cleaner that restores aged brushes by conditioning them as it cleans. No longer will you need to scrub your brushes… it’s an artist’s dream!

Stylish Storage for a Tidy Desk

Adequate storage is essential in a craft room. Without it, you risk damaging or losing your precious craft supplies! That’s why we love using caddies to safeguard our small embellishments, stamps, inks and even ribbons.  If you want to get your craft room in order, then look no further… we’ve got the whole Kit N Caboodle for you!


Introducing an all-encompassing storage collection for crafting products of all kinds! It’s ideal for organising all your crafting supplies, so not only will you be able to find everything you need in nano-seconds, but it’ll also be effortless to take your crafting essentials on the move! Craft at a friend’s house, take crafting supplies on holiday or get set up at a craft fair with minimum fuss, thanks to this incredible craft storage range from Kit N Kaboodle.

Totes – Serious Crafting on the Move 

Don’t think that Caddies and Totes are reserved only for storing your papers, stamps and pens – we’ve something for every kind of crafter! So whether your prized possession is your Screen Sensation Kit, or simply your favourite pen collection, we’ve the perfect tote for you! Designed especially to fit, carry and protect your crafting machines, these fantastic totes enable you to take even the most serious of crafting equipment on the move, without fear of damaging anything!

If sewing’s your cup of tea, why not beautify your craft space with a pretty sewing basket to keep all your needle and thread supplies neat and tidy?

Systemise Your Thread Spools

SDo you ever find that your spools of thread have a strange habit of unraveling themselves? One minute you could have a box full of ordered spools, and then the next minute you open the box to discover a giant hairball! Surely there must be a solution to this irritating issue? We’re pleased to announce that there is! Introducing the Mega-Rack II from June Tailor. This spool structure holds 120 thread spools on individual pegs, making it near impossible for them to get tangled up. If you don’t have 120 spools, the Mini Mega-Rack II hangs up to 60 spools of thread instead… perfect!

Coordinate Your Beads & Findings

Jewellery makers need adequate storage – that’s a given. This craft requires so many tiny components that it’d be impossible to create jewellery effectively without any. Fortunately, we stock jewellery making storage solutions from some of the best brands out there!

Incorporate Storage Drawers into Your Craft Room

Our final springtime storage solution is a great all-rounder. Storage Drawers can be used for all manner of craft supplies, providing the means to store papers, fabrics, tools, embellishments, yarn, knitting needles, stamps, and much more. Better yet, these stylish units will tuck away into the corner of your craft room and blend in with your decor. Available in rainbow or monochrome colourways, the Blue Hills Studio create carts with 3 Drawers6 Drawers, 8 Drawers, 10 Drawers or 12 Drawers to cater to all requirements. They’ve even got a sleek ‘X-Frame’ Storage Cart. You needn’t have to worry about a messy craft room again!

If you’ve given your craft room a spring clean, let us know! Send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter, or leave us a comment on the blog below.

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