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Spring Bakes

Spring Bakes


Now that the spring months are finally upon us it’s time to celebrate the lighter mornings, the brighter evenings and that warn sunshine!

hello spring

And what better way to kick off spring with¬†some lemon sponge cupcakes adorned with easy-to-make mini daffodils? Perfect for afternoon tea parties, these spring themed bakes are sure to appease everyone’s appetites!

You will need:

  • Small Ball Modelling Tool
  • Dresden Flower/Leaf Shaper Modelling Tool
  • Medium Calyx Cutter (5 Petal Cutter)
  • Edible Glue
  • Non Stick Rolling Pin
  • Yellow Treated Fondant icing
  • Orange Treated Fondant icing
  • Green Treated Fondant icing

spring cakes

  1. Roll out yellow fondant to 5mm thick and cut out your flower petals either free hand using a knife or with a medium calyx cutter (5 petal cutter).
  2. Using the Dresden Flower Shaper Tool add depth and shape to the petals by pressing into the petal gently and rocking backwards and forth. Repeat on each petal. 2
  3. Take a pea sized amount of orange fondant and roll into a ball to begin making the trumpet of your daffodil.
  4. Take your small ball tool and create a hollow in the centre of the ball. Using your finger, gently mould the trumpet into a hollowed cup shape.4
  5. Using edible glue adhere your trumpet to the centre of the petals.5
  6. Roll out green fondant to make the stem(s) and attach to the back of the flower head using edible glue. (You can also using the green fondant to create leaves)
  7. Secure to your lemon cakes by pressing them into the iced top.spring cakes1


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