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How to Make ‘Spooky!’ Halloween Party Invitations

How to Make ‘Spooky!’ Halloween Party Invitations

We’re now in October so one of the nation’s favourite events, Halloween, isn’t all that far away. If you’re planning on hosting a creepy Halloween party or have a child who wants to invite their friends round for a scary night, you’ll need some invitations. Luckily, we have Sarah Hurley on hand to help. Sarah‘s ‘Spooky!’ Halloween invitations are quick, simple, and totally effective. I can already hear the cackles of witches soaring through the night’s sky…

If you’re a fan a glitter and shimmer, these are the invites for you. They’re dark, they’re mysterious, and they’re spooky. You may even get to play around with some new materials!

You Will Need:


1. Coat a 6″ x 6” card blank in TCW Black Gesso on the front side.

2. Once dry, use TCW Light & Fluffy Modelling Paste through the TCW ‘Textures’ Stencil in two corners to add a spiderweb effect.

3. While still wet, add black glitter over the Light & Fluffy Paste and leave to dry.

4. Cut the ‘Spooky”‘ design from grey card using the Silhouette Cameo 3 machine.

5. Coat the ‘Spooky!’ design in a thin coat of Shimmery Goodness.

6. Once the Glitter and Shimmery Goodness is dry, use Pinflair Glue Gel to attach the ‘Spooky!’ letters to the front of the card.

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