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Sewing Bee: Behind The Seams | Episode 7

Sewing Bee: Behind The Seams | Episode 7

The sewing room kept it nice and relatable for us this week, considering the not-so-sunny summer we’ve had so far this year, with Winter Week! With a chilly set of challenges themed around keeping warm, as well as adding a little sparkle to the coldest months of the year, the sewists were set to work. So if you loved episode 7 of The Great British Sewing Bee 2021 as much as we did, let’s dive straight into it!

Getting Winter Week into full swing in the sewing room, the contestants kicked things off with Patrick and Esme’s Pattern Challenge. This week, it saw the contestants tasked with creating a man’s flannel shirt – the cuffs and collars designed to really put their construction skills and sewing prowess to the test. Six lumberjack-looking mannequins were presented at the end of the allotted time, in an array of eye-catching (yet tricky-to pattern-match!) plaid fabrics. Unfortunately, Farie and Rafe saw themselves at the bottom of the pile, due to not getting their shirts completed in time, whilst first place went to Serena for an immaculately  sewn shirt, with on-point collar points and all!

Sewing bee winter shirts

Next up was the fabulously creative Transformation Challenge – or, in other words, the really fun part of the show – in which the contestants were, this week, handed old scarves and instructed to turn them into a new wearable garment. The second-hand scarves were presented as six snuggly ensembles after just 90 minutes, but the judges were unimpressed by Damien’s single-scarf attempt at a dress, which they dubbed ‘Edelweiss,’ whilst Farie turned her fortune around, and took first place with a high-impact animal print dress.

Sewing bee winter party dresses

Made to Measure is always such a spectacular way to end the show, with each contestant able to bring their own pattern to the table as they strive to achieve the perfect fit for their model. Festive winter party dresses were this week’s focus, and each contestant did their best to fight for a place in the quarter-final, with a spectacular array of jaw-dropping creations presented on the models at the end of the challenge. Garment of the Week went to Rafe for his glamorous gold creation, whilst unfortunately it was Andrew’s turn to leave the competition this week, after a bow-based failure in the final challenge, in which his ‘usual impeccable sewing skills just deserted him,’ according to Patrick.

Let us know your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Great British Sewing Bee, Series 7, in the comments below. Don’t forget, for oodles more gossip and sewing room chat, you can check out our weekly dose of Behind The Seams, with our own guest experts, Sarah Payne, Samantha Hamilton and Alistair McDonald, which hits our Facebook page on Thursday afternoons!

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