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Sewing Bee: Behind The Seams | Episode 6

Sewing Bee: Behind The Seams | Episode 6

What with the fashion industry itself being one of the biggest polluters of our planet next to oil, the focus of this week’s Great British Sewing Bee helped to highlight a fantastic cause. We began the show with all the usual stocks of fabric in the sewing room stores having been replaced with a selection of charity shop clothes and soft furnishings, forcing our favourite gang of sewists to reuse and recycle in their quest to be crowned Sewing Bee Champion. So if you loved episode 6 of The Great British Sewing Bee 2021 as much as we did, let’s dive straight into it!

This week was ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Week’ in the sewing room, and they kicked things off with Patrick and Esme’s Pattern Challenge. This saw the contestants tasked with creating a gentlemen’s waistcoat using just second-hand clothes. Farie opted to use a herringbone jacket to source her fabric from, Rafe decided to fully deconstruct a garment so he could start from scratch with the fabric it contained, whilst Adeena fully embraced the existing features of her second-hand jacket, to incorporate them into her new creation. Unfortunately this made sewing neat seams tricky, and left Adeena placed last, whilst  Serena’s bold brocade contrast piece impressed the judges and put her in second place to Rafe, and his beautifully sewn striped waiscoat.

Next up was the fabulously creative Transformation Challenge – or, in other words, the really fun part of the show – in which the contestants were, this week, handed a selection of army surplus, and instructed to turn them into a stylish and wearable garment for a woman. Seven stylish mannequins were marched forward at the end of the allotted time, including a selection of chic dresses and a catwalk-worthy cape. Once again, Adeena was placed last with a tunic dress the judges didn’t think had been well thought out, whilst first place went to Farie for her ‘fabulous fringed cape’ which Esme loved so much, she insisted on trying on herself.

Made to Measure is always such a spectacular way to end the show, with each contestant able to bring their own pattern to the table as they strive to achieve the perfect fit for their model. In keeping with the show’s theme, old jeans were this week’s focus. Since they are one of the most polluting garments to manufacture, the sewists were tasked to breathe a new lease of life into them, by using them to create a denim dress. When judging time rolled around, Patrick couldn’t sing Rafe’s praises enough, declaring of his denim dress,  ‘I’d put something like this down the catwalk and be very proud of it!’ whilst unfortunately it was Adeena’s turn to finally bid a fond farewell to the judges and her fellow contestants at the end of the show.

Let us know your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Great British Sewing Bee, Series 7, in the comments below. Don’t forget, for oodles more gossip and sewing room chat, you can check out our weekly dose of Behind The Seams, with our own guest experts, Sarah Payne, Samantha Hamilton and Alistair McDonald, which hits our Facebook page on Thursday afternoons!

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