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Sewing Bee: Behind The Seams | Episode 3

Sewing Bee: Behind The Seams | Episode 3

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Another week, another fabulous hour in the sewing room with all our favourite sewists! This week was ‘Gent’s Classics’ week, and we were treated to an evening in with Joe Lycet’s ‘Monacle Winksy’, as well as a selection of stunning men’s accessories and garments that did not disappoint. So if you loved episode 3 of The Great British Sewing Bee 2021 as much as we did, let’s dive straight into it!

This week our favourite gang of sewing enthusiasts kicked things off with Patrick and Esme’s Pattern Challenge, which saw the contestants tasked with creating baker boy caps. A throwback to Tudor times, the baker boy cap is an iconic symbol of the working man, made famous in recent times by cult TV success, ‘Peaky Blinders.’ Raph’s choice of patterned fabric and awesome sewing skills paid off in the first challenge… and we crossed our fingers he wasn’t ‘peaking’ too soon! Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for Andrew’s efforts, which were rather brutally (and literally) pulled apart by Esme during judging.

Sewing Bee challenge 1 example

Next up was the fabulously creative Transformation Challenge – or, in other words, the really fun part of the show – in which the contestants were, this week, handed men’s jackets and blazers and instructed to turn them into a fashionable women’s garment. This challenge saw Lawratu opt for a back-to-front blazer-cum-dress, whilst Farie struggled to create anything more than a modified jacket. Serena gave old blazer features a totally new lease of life to really impress the judges… although we’re not sure we’d like to keep our Haribo stash in a secret armpit pocket! Never-the-less, Esme loved it, and Serena was declared triumphant in challenge two.

Sewing Bee Challenge 2 supplies

Made to Measure is always such a spectacular way to end the show, with each contestant able to bring their own pattern to the table as they strive to achieve the perfect fit for their model. Casual utility jackets were this week’s focus and, true to form, Adam opted for a nautical approach with a Navy inspired jacket. To everyone’s surprise, Adeena turned an upside-down-zip-disaster into a total sewing room success story, whilst Lawratu’s snap-fitting nightmare saw her plans fall apart, and unfortunately led to her departure from the show this week.

Let us know your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Great British Sewing Bee, Series 7, in the comments below. Don’t forget, for oodles more gossip and sewing room chat, you can check out our weekly dose of Behind The Seams, with our own guest experts, Sarah Payne, Samantha Hamilton and Alistair McDonald, which hits our Facebook page on Thursday afternoons!

Looking for ways to keep yourself busy until next week’s Sewing Bee installment? Check out our sewing projects and tutorials right here, and craft your way through to Wednesday!

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