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Sewing Bee: Behind The Seams | Episode 2

Sewing Bee: Behind The Seams | Episode 2

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Two weeks into Sewing Bee 2021, and we’re enjoying even more handmade outfits, frantic sewing sessions and, of course, Joe Lycett’s fabulous comedic interludes. Not only is the opportunity to immerse ourselves in everything sewing for a whole hour every week proving a total delight, but also a welcome reprieve¬† from the difficult year we’ve had. The show has grown in popularity since the Covid-19 pandemic, making perfect comfort viewing for so many who have picked up the needle and thread and indulged in the joy of sewing during the past 12 months. Host Joe Lycett describes it as ‘soothing and inspirational’ viewing that really captures what people need right now… and we whole-heartedly agree! Research shows that sewing can help to decrease stress and boost mental wellbeing, a concept that judge Esme Young strongly agrees with. So if you loved episode 2 of The Great British Sewing Bee 2021 as much as we did, let’s dive straight into it!

This week was ‘Summer Week’ in the sewing room, and they kicked things off with Patrick and Esme’s Pattern Challenge. This saw the contestants tasked with creating a stylish pair of paperbag shorts – the perfect wardrobe addition for this time of year, when the weather’s warming and beer gardens are (finally!) welcoming us back. This week’s pattern challenge saw the judges hammering home the importance of notches – and if you don’t know what those are, pay close attention to the contestants whose pockets were sadly not attached to the shorts by the end of the challenge! Another aspect of this week’s opening project that stumped almost all of the contestants were the turn ups – who knew that sewing these in correctly could prove such a nightmare? Although we must give some serious kudos to Rebecca for spotting her mistake… and having the bravery to chop them off entirely to allow for a second attempt, so close to Joe’s ‘time’s up!’ declaration!

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Next up was the fabulously creative Transformation Challenge – or, in other words, the really fun part of the show – in which the contestants were, this week, handed four pairs of board shorts (that’s swimming trunks to you and I) and instructed to turn them into a stylish garment for a woman to wear on a summer’s eve… in jut 90 minutes! It was during this mid-section of the show that not only did we get to feast our eyes on a bold and beautiful selection of colour combos, print pairings, and daring cuts… but we also learnt that Cathryn loves a little bit of grime! (Obviously at this point we had to pause viewing and check out Stormzy’s Vossi Bop for ourselves… seems like a good sewing room tune!) We also fell in love with Rebecca’s skirt-making mantra: ‘Put it on; chop it off; sew it up!’ This should definitely be framed and hung in craft rooms everywhere. Judging of this challenge saw Patrick and Esme unimpressed with Damien’s tasseled fringe, as they declared Adam the winner, for the first time this series.

Example of Sewing Bee Made to Measure Challenge for Episode 2

Made to Measure is always such a spectacular way to end the show, with each contestant able to bring their own pattern to the table as they strive to achieve the perfect fit for their model. Button down sun dresses were this week’s focus; a few daring sewists took a risk on pattern matching which paid off spectacularly, whilst Jean’s wonky hem and misplaced buttons unfortunately saw her exit the show this week.

Let us know your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Great British Sewing Bee, Series 7, and don’t forget, for oodles more gossip and sewing room chat, you can check out our weekly dose of Behind The Seams, with our own guest experts, Sarah Payne, Samantha Hamilton and Alistair McDonald.

The Great British Sewing Bee | Behind The Seams | Series 7 Episode 2

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