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A Seasonal Sensation: Helen Kirkham’s Easel Calendar

A Seasonal Sensation: Helen Kirkham’s Easel Calendar

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter… crafting can be such a seasonal affair, that sometimes our projects barely last a week before they’re out-of-date. Well… not this time! Helen Kirkham’s fantastic easel calendar will not only last the whole year through – but it’ll stay in season for a whole year too, thanks to a clever little trick that allows you to swap your seasonal embellishments in an instant! Read on to discover exactly how she created this fantastic piece, and how you can make one too!

For a unique way to celebrate the changing seasons of this year, why not create this crafty little calendar? Simply swap the acetate sheets as each season passes, and it’ll look gorgeous all year round.

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Cut one of the kraft card blanks in half.

Step 2:

Score the second kraft card blank at 3 inches and create a mountain fold.

Step 3:

Cut the tree die from the discarded half of the cut kraft card, then add your embossing mat and send the die and card back through to emboss. Repeat with all the canopy dies (spring in the pink card, summer in the green card, and autumn in the orange card and red card).

Step 4:

Cut 4 pieces of the acetate and the blue card using the essential die.

Step 5:

Use the blue ink to blend around the edge of the blue card to add some extra depth. Glue the tree to the middle of the blue card, and stick to the piece of kraft card you cut earlier. Then glue the bottom of this piece of kraft card to the bottom of the mountain fold on the blank card base, to create the easel card.

Step 6:

Using the craft knife, cut a slit through the blue card at 1 inch and at 5 inches, starting from the edge of the kraft card, and push the brads through the slits.

Step 7:

Hole-punch each of the sheets of acetate at 0.5 inches and at 4.5 inches.

Step 8:

Fussy-cut the apples from the red card and paper piece onto the orange autumn canopy.

Step 9:

Glue each canopy to a piece of acetate.

Helen’s Helpful Hint:

Hang the acetate onto the brads before sticking onto the canopies, to ensure they line up with the tree.

Step 10:

Glue the calendar tab onto the bottom base of the card to create the easel stopper.

Simply remove the brads and replace the acetate as the seasons change!

What’s your favourite season to craft for, and why? Let us know in the comments!

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