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The Only Screen Printing Kit You Need: Screen Sensation Set Up & Use

The Only Screen Printing Kit You Need: Screen Sensation Set Up & Use

Originally used by the Chinese around 2000 years ago, screen printing has become popular among artists, crafters and business owners the world over, as a fun way to create beautiful printed designs – and a super simple way to mass-produce them! Presenter and Creative Director Stephanie Weightman has worked tirelessly on an exciting new screen printing kit to bring what used to be a big and messy craft to the kitchen table of any and every crafter who’d like to give screen printing a go at home!

The fantastic Screen Sensation Screen Printing Kit was almost 2 years in the making, and it’s not hard to see why – gone are the bulky frames, giant squeegees and hard-to-manoeuvre screens of screen printing days gone by! This sleek and stylish kit has been carefully designed to make screen printing simple, straightforward and accessible – check out Stephanie’s videos at the bottom of this post to see just how easy this screen printing kit is to use…

Screen Sensation Fun Facts:

The screens themselves have been rigorously tested to ensure incredibly crisp detail in every print. It will last you years and provide you with thousands of perfect prints!

The inks can be mixed together to create unique blends. We’ll even have empty pots for you to store them in. Plus they come with labels, so you can keep them organised. The image below shows the range of colours you can create (and the pattern used on this is called Triagonal). Look at the fantastic array of colours that can be made, simply by mixing the primary inks – and this is before we add black or white into the mix to lighten and darken!

It costs just 7p per print from a 155ml pot of Screen Sensation ink! (Based on a continuous run of full prints of one solid colour)

The Screen Sensation unit fits in your kitchen sink, making it easy to use, clean and store, time and time again. It is light and robust but also sturdy and reliable.

You can sell your designs! Our angel policy means anything you create with your Screen Sensation screen printing kit can be sold on, such as a tea towel with your print on it. This means that purchasing one kit could have you well on your way to starting your own business at home!

Seamless screen designs have been created to allow repeating patterns across larger surface areas!

The ink is a professional screen printing ink that is water based, drain safe and made in the UK.

Materials used so far include paper, fabrics, wood, plastic, clay and ceramics, all with the same ink (traditional screen printing would normally use different inks for different mediums but ours is universal).

We worked out that from a small pot, you can create around 130 prints, which works out at less than 6p per print for a solid colour. We also have the Black, White and Extender, to make your ink go even further!

Our special tape has been exclusively developed for Screen Sensation with a slight stretch to hold the screen taut for perfect prints. It is also reusable many times making it incredible value for money!

Screen Sensation Out of the Box:

Watch as Stephanie Weightman unboxes a brand new Screen Sensation Kit, and talks you through what’s inside, and why it’s better than any screen printing kit you’ve ever seen before!

Learn How To Set Up Your Screen Sensation Kit:

Get expert advice on how to set up and use your Screen Sensation kit from the creator herself! Here, Stephanie guides you through the process of setting up your screen printing kit, and creating your very own printed designs.

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