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Scrapbooking Ideas: 15 Ways To Make Scrapbook Pages More Interesting

Scrapbooking Ideas: 15 Ways To Make Scrapbook Pages More Interesting

Looking for some quick and clever scrapbooking ideas to enable you to turn every page into something inspirational? No problem! We’ve accumulated our favourite scrapbooking top tips and crafty hacks below, so whenever you’re stuck for ideas, you can simply run with one of ours!

Scrapbooking Idea 1: Add Colour And Dimension With Die-Cut Paper Scraps

If you’re an avid papercrafter who’s always chopping into packs of printed and patterned paper and card, then you’ll love our first scrapbooking idea! Why not put those leftover die-cutting scraps to good use in your scrapbooking? Keep all the odd corners and extra cut-offs in a plastic tub, and when it comes to creating a pretty page border or corner decoration,you’ll be ready to go!

Simply use your scissors or even some mini dies to snip these scraps into shape, and you can layer them up to create dimensional flowers, shooting stars, bold and beautiful tags and captions, and more. We love combining lots of different patterns and prints into one design, as it really breathes new life into a scrapbook page!

Scrapbooking Idea 2: Fantastic Foiling

Foiling is a fantastic way to dress up your scrapbook page in an instant, by adding glamour and shine in an array of intricate or simple designs. It may look tricky – but the good news is, it really isn’t! You can use hot foil stamping to add gorgeous shining metallic lettering directly onto pages, or even onto ribbons, chipboard shapes and other scrapbooking embellishments. The GoPress and Foil Hot Foil Stamping machine can be used with most popular die-cutting machines, and will enable you to transform your scrapbooking designs with endless possibilities!

Scrapbooking Idea 3: Get Creative With Shape!

So many of us obsess over what goes onto a scrapbook age… but what about the page itself? What if you got creative with the very blank canvas you were working with, by changing the shape of the scrapbook altogether? We love this clever little house design, as it actually works well with the traditional square scrapbook page shape, but you could get even more creative and trim your scrapbook pages down to circles, hearts, flowers, and more!

Scrapbooking Idea 4: Embellish With Buttons

Traditionally reserved for stitchcrafters, these handy little embellishments have been revived and repurposed by papercrafters as a quick and easy way to create show-stopping designs in scrapbooks! Buttons come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and are easy enough to adhere to your scrapbook page with a little patience and craft glue. You can add them individually, or en masse to create epic dimensional pictures that really draw the eye!

Scrapbooking Idea 6: Add Interest With Illustration

So many of us are used to reaching for the stamps, dies or stickers when it comes to dressing a scrapbook page, that we often forget about our most flexible crafting tool… ourselves! When was the last time you had an idea for a pretty page design, and simply picked up your pen or pencil to draw it out by hand? Freestyle art is an incredibly fulfilling pastime, as well as a sure-fire way to ensure your crafty designs are truly-one of-a-kind!

Scrapbooking Idea 7: Journal An Event

We all know planning ahead is important – but what about journaling the past? Keeping a written account of the past day, week or year is a fantastic way to ensure treasured memories are never lost or forgotten, and can help turn your scrapbook into a family keepsake! It also offers you the chance to get a little more creative with your handwriting itself, and try your hand at calligraphy or brush lettering. Sometimes just the words themselves can be decorative enough to create a stunning scrapbook page!

Scrapbooking Idea 7: Papercraft Flower Power

Flowers are a fantastic way to add colour and texture to your home décor, AND your scrapbooking pages – but there’s no need to use the real deal! You can create your own flowers using coloured paper of your choice.  In fact, we show you exactly how to create crepe paper roses right here!

Of course, if you’re not keen on crafting your own decorative flowers, there’s a crafty shortcut you can take, in the form of pre-made flower embellishments! These come in all shapes, sizes and textures, from ribbon clusters to fabric flower heads, to daintily constructed paper roses. You can use these gorgeous decorations to add texture and interest to borders, frames, tags and even photographs themselves!

Scrapbooking Idea 8: Quintessential Quilling

Have you tried your hand at quilling yet? This fantastic papercraft trend is experiencing a massive resurgence right now – and it’s not hard to see why! The mesmerising art of creating stunning dimensional designs with rolled paper strips is a fantastic way to enhance a scrapbook page. If you’re a total beginner to quilling, you can check out our beginner’s quilling project right here on the blog.

Scrapbooking Idea 9: Ribbons and Bows are the Way to Go!

Not just for adding trim to sewing projects, ribbons and bows are an incredibly versatile embellishment that can be added to scrapbook pages too! You could glue them down flat to create the perfect frame for a photograph, or even use them to create bookmarks and markers that can be used as placeholders throughout your scrapbook!

Scrapbooking Idea 10: Seal The Deal By Adding Envelopes

We think envelopes are a super clever way to add oodles of flexibility to your scrapbook. Rather than simply sticking down mementos like photographs, tickets, notes, etc. you can slip them inside a decorative envelope instead! Not only does this help to preserve them further and save them from getting covered in glue, but it means that if you ever want to remove or replace them, it’s super easy to do. We love the sense of intrigue a little envelope adds to a scrapbook page too!

Scrapbooking Idea 11: Stylise With Stamps

Quick, easy and effective… we love stamps because of how simple they make it to add style and coordination to any papercraft project! You can stamp a series of outlines to add colour to with paints or pens, add sentiments to photographs and tags, create repeat-pattern borders, and lots more. Stamps also make it easy to repeat themes and designs across multiple pages… if co-ordination is your thing, then stamps make it easy to ensure your scrapbook page layouts match one another perfectly.

Scrapbooking Idea 12: Perfect Pockets

Just like envelopes, pockets also add versatility and flexibility to a scrapbook page, but because there is no closing flap, they can hold taller items, and will reveal what’s inside as soon as the page is turned! You could include tickets, handwritten letters, gift tags and more.

Scrapbooking Idea 13: Dress Up Your Cover

We can often become so focused on searching for scrapbook page ideas, that we forget about the front cover entirely – but what’s the first thing people see when they check out your scrapbook? Of course it’s the front cover! We love this quirky scrapbook cover design – turning the front cover into a gorgeous front door seems totally apt, as opening up your scrapbook is very much like opening the door to the exciting, creative world behind it!

Scrapbooking Idea 14: Bring Out Your Background

It’s important to consider what goes on each scrapbook page…but what about considering each page itself? Don’t restrict yourself to a plain white background – check out our range of patterned papers and card, and make each blank page a sight to behold, before you’ve even started adding your embellishments!

Scrapbooking Idea 15: Make It Motivational!

Lacking inspiration? Give your creativity a boost by adding a motivational quote or two! You can get creative with calligraphy and brush lettering, add interest with washi tape, and add colour using pens, inks, pencils and more! Motivational quotes are the perfect way to fill a blank page when inspiration is lacking, but you’re still desperate to sit and get creative!

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