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Scrapbooking for Beginners: Sara Naumann’s Top Scrapbooking Tips

Scrapbooking for Beginners: Sara Naumann’s Top Scrapbooking Tips

What is scrapbooking? Well the long answer is complicated… but the short answer is – it can be whatever you want it to be! A scrapbook or journal page provides you with a pretty way to document something. You could use it to record milestones, big and small, memories, plans for the future, dreams goals and aspirations… the world is your oyster when it comes to scrapbooking and journaling. If you’re new to the exciting world of scrapbooking, then read on to discover expert papercrafter Sara Naumann’s top tips for success, as well as our selection of scrapbooking essentials for beginners.

Whilst photographs and images can say a thousand words, it’s a good idea to add some words of your own to complete the story! If you’re lost for words, here are some journaling prompts to get you writing.

Start with the basics…

Remember the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ details you learned in writing class at school? This is a great place to start with scrapbook journaling. This can be as simple as: “Kate and Gemma in Devon for Aunt Emily’s 50th birthday celebration. June 2010.”

If you plan to journal just the ‘5 Ws’, consider writing in the third person perspective (“John and Mary” instead of “John and I”). This helps identify you to the future generations who may read your scrapbook album.

…then add some detail…

You don’t have to be a great writer to add journaling to your scrapbook pages. Remember, no critics will grade your storytelling style. Future generations will be grateful for any glimpse into your life, and you’ll be glad for all the information, anecdotes, and stories you included when you look back on your own scrapbook albums years or decades from now.

…then get creative!

Next time you get a case of Writer’s Block, try these three these prompts to get your journaling pen (or your typing fingers) going:

  • Menus & Recipes: Scrapbooking a Christmas, wedding, or special occasion? Don’t forget to include a menu or recipes for family favourites.

  • Lists: Not all journaling has to be prose. You can also use bullet points to create lists — they’re great for capturing detail, and they give visual interest to your page. Try a “what’s included” list, to-do list, wish list, or even a shopping list.

  • Quotes: We’re not all writers. Some of us struggle with spelling, let alone composing elegant prose. Why not let the great writers help you tell your story? Literary quotes, song lyrics, a favourite religious verse, a snippet of poetry, or song lyrics can be used to illustrate a page.

And most of all, enjoy!

There are so many ways to tell your story. Let your creativity go — remember, no one is grading you! Need more ideas? Take note of journaling styles you admire in other pages you see, whether it’s minimal journaling or a more elaborate story-telling style. Most importantly, remember you’re creating a scrapbook as a personal and family record; the more information you include, the more exciting, informative and inspirational it will be for your descendants!

Scrapbooking Must-Haves:

Project Life Notes and Things Value Collection:

Record memories, adventures, and unforgettable anecdotes in the most beautiful way possible, thanks to this incredible Value Collection from Project Life. Prepare for scrapbooking and journaling to become addictive as you get carried away with all the scrapbooking essentials inside!

Paper House Paradise Found Collection:

There’s no need to imagine beautiful beaches and perfect palms with this kit on your craft table – you’ll feel like you’re there already! So if you’re keen to add some colour to your holiday scrapbooks and travel journal, THIS fantastic Paradise Found Collection is the scrapbooking kit for you.

Project Life Maggie Holmes Collection:

Filled with stunning designer artwork specially produced to help you tell your story, this Project Life Maggie Holmes Collection contains all you need to produce a beautiful heirloom to be cherished, and passed down to the next generation. Capture those precious memories all in one beautiful place, with a little help from this stunning kit, filled with scrapbooking and journaling ideas!

Paper House Discover England Collection:

No matter how much we complain about the crazy weather in this country, or daydream about faraway beaches…we know that there’s plenty of inspiration right here, too! Packed with iconic designs and landmarks, this quintessentially British kit is bursting with papers, embellishments and stickers for you to create some incredible themed scrapbook pages with. Get creative with big red buses, telephone boxes, Big Ben and more… home is, after all, where the heart is!

Altenew Reflection Scrapbook Collection:

Stored in a gorgeous velcro-close box, this bold and beautiful scrapbooking and journaling collection from Altenew will enable you to reflect on your favourite memories with oodles of colour and style! Filled with unique scrapbooking embellishments, attention-grabbing prints, and lots more – including a rubber roll date stamp – there’s enough here to get you started on the most fabulous scrapbooking journey!

Project Life Charming Collection:

Project Life is an ultra-simple, stylish solution for getting your photos off your phone and computer, out of boxes, and into albums! Gone are the days of cutting and pasting, buying oodles of supplies, and spending hours filling albums… welcome to the age of creativity! Scrapbooking and journaling allows you to add flair and interest to your memories by presenting them in exciting and colourful ways. Experiment with scrapbooking layouts, embellish your photos, add anecdotes and labels, and more.

Want to see even more of the gorgeous Scrapbooking kits and essentials we have on offer? Check them out right here, and discover a world of creativity to dive into!

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