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Save the Date: 25 December Card

Save the Date: 25 December Card

Craft this unique card for your loved ones to send them a festive wish in the run up to the Christmas and heighten their excitement for the big day.25 decThe 25 December make can be adapted to create a personalised greeting for each individual card. Read on to find out more.

You will need:

Ultimate Crafts White Christmas Embossing Folder, Christmas Tradition (349496)
Ultimate Craft Silent Night Decorative Die, Fancy Tree
Ultimate Crafts Silent Night Die, December 25 (349503)
Red 2mm Gemstones
Patterned Paper Pad
Corner Punch 10mm
White Cardstock
Red Glitter Card
Brown Cardstock
Ink, Black & Gold25 dec1


  1. Cover the front of a 15cm x 15cm square card with red glitter paper.
  2. Use a corner punch to round all four corners and ink the edges with black ink.
  3. Round the corners of a 10cm x 10cm piece of patterned paper and ink edges with gold ink then adhere this onto the centre of the glitter paper.
  4. Using the Christmas Tradition embossing folder, emboss a piece of dark brown card stock trimming around the edges to approx. 10cm x 15cm.
  5. Gently rub over the embossing with gold ink.
  6. Place onto the patterned paper slightly left of the centre, do not stick down just yet as you need to adhere your other pieces down first
  7. Tuck a strip of white cotton lace under the right hand side of the embossed cardstock and secure in place.
  8. Using the Fancy Tree die to cut a tree from green patterned paper. Snip the diecut in half, creating a separate top and bottom of the tree. Tuck and secure each half under both sides of the embossed cardstock.
  9. Now adhere your embossed piece onto top
  10. Use the December 25 die to cut the Dec 25 only from red glitter paper and gently ink around the edges with black ink. Adhere with foam tape on top of the embossed card stock.
  11. Lastly highlight the embossed pattern on the cardstock using 2mm red gemstones.

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