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Sarah Millsop’s Crystal Carnival Bow Tie Choker

Sarah Millsop’s Crystal Carnival Bow Tie Choker

“This is such a fun and simple project to create. It’s great for dress up and embellishing costumes, plus it’s super on-trend with a plush choker finish!” – Sarah Millsop

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Cut approx. 2m of wire. It’s quite a lot to work with, but will save you having to join the bow in two places. Thread 5 bicones beads and move to the middle of the wire.

Step 2:

Thread one end of the wire the opposite way through only the first 3 of the bicone beads, so that the wire crosses over in the beads.

Step 3:

Pull this wire tightly, but ensure that the original 2 beads stay in the middle of the wire. Neatly tighten so that your row of 3 beads interlock centrally to the previous row.

Step 4:

Add 4 beads onto one wire and cross the other wire through them. Tighten just as before and align them with the previous row. You will now work upwards with your bead count on each row up by one each time, until you get to a row of 9 beads. You will then decrease to one, and repeat until you achieve this shape.

Step 5:

Bring the ends of your wire from each side together and twist to secure. You should twist 3 – 4 times; these twists will take up space for the missing row of 2 beads. Form the beadwork into a bow-like shape, rounding the edges neatly. Take one of your wire tails, thread 5 bicones, and then wrap around the front of your bow to pinch the centre together.

These bows can be used for all sorts of crafts and toppers. I have sewn through some of the beads to attach to a velvet ribbon. To hide the threads and to stabilise, I glued a 2nd piece of velvet ribbon (facing upwards) to the back of the choker. You can squeeze ribbon ends to both sides and add a clasp to make this gorgeous, fun piece. Love, Sarah xx

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