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Sarah Hurley’s Birthday Pom-Pom Banner

Sarah Hurley’s Birthday Pom-Pom Banner

“To use up some leftover wool pom-poms from making my earlier party hats (see the tutorial here!) I decided to make a colourful party banner. To make it more colourful and match my party hats, I made some cute paper pompoms to go in between.” – Sarah Hurley

You Will Need:

How to Make a Birthday Pop-Pom Banner:

Start by punching out 10 circles from card for each half of the pom-pom (20 per pom-pom).

Fold each circle into quarters and put tape on the middle and back folds (putting tape from the point in a diagonal line outwards works best as it allows them to puff up more!).

Line up each quarter using the double-sided tape applied to stick them together.

Once you have your 10 circles stuck together, fan them out into a dome and secure with tape.

Make two of these halves and, using Pinflair gel glue, secure them together in the middle.

Allow them to dry fully before puffing them out further.

Use a bamboo stick or pokey tool to clear any dry Pinflair glue from the centres before stringing them together, alternating the type of pom-pom to make your own banner! – Sarah

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