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Making Time for Mindfulness: Sarah Cawood’s Beginner’s Crochet Journey

Making Time for Mindfulness: Sarah Cawood’s Beginner’s Crochet Journey

Trying your hand at something new can be a daunting and overwhelming thought… but it’s also a fantastic way to reignite that creative  spark, and discover an exciting new hobby! Whether you’re an avid papercrafter who’s never so much as sat at a sewing machine, or a die-hard jewellery-maker, swooning over gorgeous scrapbooks on Pinterest, but with no clue where to start – this article is for you! Consider it the kindly kick-start you need, to throw yourself in the ring and discover a whole new way to craft… just like the lovely Sarah Cawood did in January! Sarah Cawood’s crafty New Year’s Resolution launched her beginner’s crochet journey. Read all about her highs, lows, and helpful hints right here… then be bold, and take the first baby step towards trying a brand new craft yourself!

Sarah Cawood's Beginner's Crochet Title Image

Sarah Cawood’s Beginner’s Crochet Journey

I am mad about crafting. ALL crafts. I wish I could just DO IT ALL. Alas, I have come to the world of crafting rather late, and from a generation that didn’t really want to learn crafts growing up. I’m hoping to be able to teach my daughter some things as she grows up, but it won’t be anything like what my mother could have taught me if I’d been bothered; she is amazing at most crafty things.

So at New Year, I decided I would learn how to crochet. I have rudimentary knitting skills, but always came a cropper when I made a mistake. I found it very hard to correct knitting mistakes and I had heard that correcting a crochet mistake is infinitely easier… and it actually kind of is!

A friend of mine sent me an advert for a crochet class not far from where I live. I had tried to teach myself using YouTube tutorials before… but I really needed face-to-face tuition.

So off I trotted to Edwyn at Westcliff Wools. I knew immediately that I had done the right thing, and met the perfect teacher. Edwyn is kind, patient and brilliant at explaining what I need to know in the world of crochet.

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We started by learning the foundation stitch and looking at double and treble stitches. I’m afraid I can’t pass on any wisdom to any of you guys because it’s all still Dutch to me, but I thought you might enjoy an account of my journey thus far.

Sarah Cawood's Beginner's Crochet Stitch Attempt

So far I’ve learnt that there is LOTS of counting involved, and that only over time will you get to know your stitch patterns and become a little bit more intuitive with your work.

Sarah Cawood's Crochet Heart Image

Completed Crochet Valentine's Card Image

I’m not what one would call a natural in any way, shape or form, but I have managed to pretty much nail a granny square and onto a granny blanket…

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Although Edwyn is at pains to tell us all not to get stuck on granny squares: there is a wonderful world of all sorts of crochet out there to be discovered so don’t get stuck in one tiny corner of such a gorgeous realm!

Sarah Cawood's Granny Square Attempts Image

So here I am, six months down the line and a little bit stuck on granny squares! BUT I have to remind myself all the time that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and I have all the time in the world to keep learning this gorgeous craft.

Sarah Cawood's Crochet Throw Project in Progress Image

Over the next few years, I hope to be able to start following patterns and maybe even have a go at Tunisian crochet, which Edwyn is a big fan of.

The one thing that I know for sure, is that while I have a couple of hours a week to go to my class, I will; I love sitting quietly for the morning and I find my crocheting a wonderful, mindful activity and so, so much more satisfying than sitting scrolling on my phone.

So, that’s my crochet journey so far. I really feel like I’m actually just at the beginning… so maybe I’ll do another update in another 6 months, and we’ll see what else I’ve learnt!

If you fancy having a go yourself, I can’t recommend it highly enough, BUT don’t put yourself under any pressure. I did, and nearly gave it all up until I realised that it’s meant to be FUN, and there’s no time limit to getting to grips with it.

Sarah Cawood's Beginner's Crochet Granny Square Attempt Image

Some people are amazing at crochet and I’m not one of those people… but while I’m enjoying it as much as I do, I’ll carry on trying to learn more!

Inspired by Sarah’s beginner’s crochet journey so far? If you’d love to learn more about crochet, or check out some fantastic crochet projects to try your hand at, then you’ll find oodles of articles and tutorials right here on the Create and Craft blog!

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