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DIY Santa Claus Christmas Decoration: The Ultimate Festive Pom Pom Project!

DIY Santa Claus Christmas Decoration: The Ultimate Festive Pom Pom Project!

Make your Christmas tree extra special this year with this handmade Santa Claus pom-pom decoration! Easy to craft and fun to do, this festive make is the perfect way to get youngsters involved in your seasonal crafting!

You will need:


Step-by-Step Santa Claus Pom Pom:

Step 1:

Start by making a frame for the hat. Lay three chenille sticks across one another to form a star shape. Twist the sticks together and mould into a cone shape. Cut a 1cm (3/8in) section from the toilet roll inner (keep it as a ring) and attach the chenille stick ends, spacing them evenly round the circumference of the cardboard, by folding them under and round the card. Once secure, bend the cone shape over to make the base for the hat. Cover the entire shape with the chunky red yarn, concealing the card and sticks. Secure the yarn by gluing.

Step 2:

To make the rim of the hat, cover two chenille sticks in white yarn. Fold about 7.5cm (3in) of each end of the sticks into the centre so that they meet in the middle and flatten the sticks using your fingers. Then hold both sticks together lengthways and wind more white yarn around to encase them. Continue until you reach a desired thickness. Bend this piece round the base of the red hat and secure by stitching at the rear with spare white yarn.

Step 3:

Using the 85mm (33/8in) pompom maker, make one pompom in red yarn. Using the 25mm (1in) maker, complete a second pompom in white yarn. Trim into neat balls using fabric scissors. Glue the wooden ball on to the top of the red pompom. Draw on the eyes and add some rosy cheeks using the pen and pencil. Glue the white pompom to the end of the hat.

Step 4:

The same method is used to construct both the beard and hair. Cut ten lengths of beige chunky yarn approximately 20cm (7¾in) long. Tie the yarn in the centre to combine and secure. Make a second bunch of yarn in the same way. Glue one bunch onto Santa’s face to create a beard. The knot should face towards the wood to conceal it. Spread the yarn across the face, sticking it into position with some glue. Trim the beard into shape, using the photograph for guidance. Glue the second bunch to Santa’s head, using the same method, to create the hair. Glue the hat onto the head and trim Santa’s hair as desired. Sew a loop of red yarn on to the hat to allow it to hang.

Step 5:

The final touch is to construct a pair of spectacles. Take the craft wire and wrap it round a pen twice, about 5cm (2in) away from one of the ends. This will create one of the lenses. Leave a small gap and repeat the process to form the spectacles. Cut the wire 2.5cm (1in) away from each lens and bend inwards. Place the spectacles on to Santa’s head and glue into position.

Keen to brighten someone’s Christmas with the joy of craft? Spread the word with #lonelytree, and share your makes online for all to see! We can’t wait to see what you creative crafties can do!

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