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How To Make Your Own Reusable Straw Case

How To Make Your Own Reusable Straw Case

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Metal straws are not only eco-friendly and a fantastic way to help eradicate our dependence on single-use plastics, but they are also more versatile – they can be used with both cold and hot beverages, they’re weightier than plastic (which is handy when it comes to fizzy drinks) and they don’t dissolve before you finish your drink, like most of the paper ones! So we love this latest sewing project from Anna Jay – a DIY reusable straw case that enables you to carry your metal straws wherever you go, so you can enjoy take-away drinks and restaurant trips whilst always doing your bit for the environment.

You Will Need:

(Creates an 8.6 x 2.9 inches holder)

Use 0.3 inches seam allowance.

Note: Before sewing the holder, measure your straws. Mine are about 8.4 inches long, but you can adjust the fabric measurements accordingly if yours differ in size.

DIY Reusable Straw Case:

There are some ways to make your holder water-resistant. You can use waterproof raincoat fabric with polyurethane coating as a lining, but needless to say, it’s not the most eco-friendly option. I used a raincoat cotton twill fabric which has a little synthetic blend to it. It stops the drops from being absorbed, yet it’s still more natural than plastic fabric.

Step 1:

Reusable straw case tutorial step

Start with shaping the details. Take both main and lining pieces, fold them lengthways, right sides in. Put them on top of each other, and pin in place if needed. Draw a smooth curve from the top point of the fold to the outer side.

Step 2:

Reusable straw case tutorial step

Cut the excess with pieces still being pinned together.

Step 3:

Reusable straw case tutorial step

Place the folded piece of elastic at the centre of the curve of one of the pieces (right side of it). Edges of the elastic should be aligned with the edge of the detail. Stitch it in place.

Step 4:

Reusable straw case tutorial step

Place the main and lining pieces right sides together. Sew them all around the edges, leaving a small opening to turn it inside out. Clip the curves and corners, and trim seam allowance.

Step 5:

Reusable straw case tutorial step

Turn your holder inside out and press. Place it on a table, lining side up. To create a pocket, fold it, lining sides together, using your straw as a guide to see how big the pocket should be. Pin in place and stitch it from both sides, close to the edges. Don’t skip the backstitches on this step!

Step 6:

Reusable straw case tutorial step

Close your holder and determine where the button should be. Consider the elastic (it should be slightly stretched) and the length of the holder. Sew the button in place.

Reusable straw case tutorial step

Your reusable straw case is now complete, and ready to be filled with reusable straws… which means you must be ready to head out for lunch!

Reusable straw case tutorial step

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Reusable straw case tutorial step

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