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Reflections on Love: Wendy Turner Webster’s Heart Motif Mirror Frame

Reflections on Love: Wendy Turner Webster’s Heart Motif Mirror Frame

Crafty Beggars’ Wendy Turner Webster loves a mirror as much as the next girl – and she loves upcycling too! Check out how she transforms an old wooden mirror frame into a dazzling heart-themed masterpiece… what an easy home decor hack!

Over to Wendy, to guide you through exactly how to create this stunning frame…

DIY Decorative Mirror:

Well, I can’t deny it – I do love a mirror!

When we moved house once, I specifically remember the removal man being rather taken aback at the amount of wall mirrors that were wrapped up and ready for transporting.

“It’s the House of Mirrors!” he declared, and he wasn’t far wrong!

Not only do I like looking in a mirror (I do get teased about the instant pout that comes to my lips, which of course I completely deny), but I also love it when a mirror becomes part of a crafty project. If I see a mirror (or indeed picture) in a charity shop or at a car boot sale and it has a nice broad frame, I pounce on it immediately.

The depth of the frame offers so many creative possibilities, and as I picked this one up for just £1, I was doubly happy!

As we all know, heart motifs are the friend of every crafter, and I used them here to create this lovely ‘embossed metal’ effect.

The technique is incredibly simple…

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Draw out your pattern with a strong glue and let it dry hard.

Step 2:

Brush a layer of glue over the whole area and then cover with kitchen tin foil.


Step 3:

Finally, paint over with a metallic colour of your choice (I went for copper) and add a little ‘tarnish green’ colour for added realism.

I hope I’ve inspired you to have a go… and spread the love!

Do you enjoy home decor projects like this? Let us know in the comments!


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